How to Play at 5Dimes

5Dimes Casino
There are certain rules that every member of 5Dimes need to adhere to when it comes down to playing their games and reaping the benefits of their bonus offer and overall services. When a member registers on the website, he or she automatically agrees to all of terms and the conditions. This is a general summation of those regulations.

General Limits and Rules

Players accept that 5Dimes can send them information and updates connected to the website’s products and services. These notifications can be stopped. All members are encouraged to activate the Device-based Authentication system. Players who have switched it off may not receive help from the website in the case of security emergency or possible fraud. There are different laws concerning gambling in different countries so it is the responsibility of the player to comply with those when signing up at 5 Dimes. Players from France, Portugal, Hungary, UK and Ukraine can’t register with 5 Dimes. In order to be eligible to join, a player must be at least 18 years old. The specific sports wagering and live betting rules can be checked at the in the website.

Account Rules and Security

The name on file in the account of the player must match the name that is printed on the legal ID. Once the account is set up, the name of the user can’t be changed in any way. Every account needs to be in possession of a correct phone contact details. If a wrong phone number is listed, cancellation of earnings and bonuses is quite possible. The customer service team can always request identity and address proof and verification at any point. The failure of the player to provide those as requested can lead to the termination of the account and the earnings. Personal information stays confidential and 5 Dimes won’t distribute or reveal it in any way. When contacting customer service for any reason whatsoever, a player needs to have his or her password and account number close by because they will be requested. Passwords containing offensive language will result in immediate termination of the account. It is a recommendation of 5 Dimes that the player changes one’s password every 2 months. The process is simple enough: you go to Account – Change Password and then select Send Code. A verification code will be delivered to the email and after the verification is completed the player will be able to go to Account and Change Password. If a player irresponsibly gives away personal information connected to the account, 5 Dimes won’t take responsibility. An email is just as important as a password. The lack of a valid email will also lead to the closure of an account. An account can only have a single account number too. If either one of these important elements is missing for whatever reason (account number, email, etc.), make sure to contact customer support as soon as possible, otherwise the account might be closed.

Level of Intervention of the 5 Dimes’ Team

Bets must be placed via the special user interface that is provided by 5 Dimes’ Sportsbook and Casino. Any other means of placing a wager is prohibited. Live Help can be used to grade an event. Sportsbook grading isn’t possible between 8 AM EST and noon EST because during that period the system is going through calculations covering the entire past week. 5 Dimes can correct grading problems if they present themselves. If a player wants to revise a grading, he or she needs to submit the request to the Customer Service Staff within 7 days of the event. If funds are incorrectly delivered into an account, 5 Dimes can fix the problem. Users can also make requests for the reversal of a transaction. It is the player’s responsibility to fix their negative balances and if they believe the reason for the negative balance is due to some other reason or person, 5 Dimes needs to be informed immediately by the player. If a bet is made after the start of an event, it will be considered a “past-post” and automatically labeled as a theft. All the in-play events will be marked as such. Limits are being reset minutes after the bet is posted and when the selection’s line is moved. 5 Dimes can refuse or limit a wager as a security measure. 5 Dimes can allow or prohibit any form of electronic funding or game features that are offered in the websites linked to 5 Dimes if certain verification problems show up with offshore establishments of some sort connected to a player’s account. A member who has provenly abused the Rewards Program of 5 Dimes will lose temporarily or permanently their advantage of free or discount earnings. If any kind of game-type policy is violated the same type of punishment will be inflicted. Manipulation of the pool when it comes down to Horseracing will result in removal of the suspected player’s account.

Additional Rules, Obligations and Prohibitions

Players need to be aware of the fact that individual payouts in the Bonus Casino don’t pay as much as the earnings that can be made via the usual casino payouts. Players are encouraged and are personally responsible of checking the payout charts on their own before starting a game of any kind. Another thing that is not allowed at 5 Dimes is the professional card counter. If it is proved that a player is in possession of one, account termination will commence. North American members, for example, need to take the time to complete a one-time rollover of the deposited amount in the very least in order for a payout to be processed without an administrative penalty fee. On the bright side, 5 Dimes is also capable of reversing fees (affiliated with deposits) without notice, provided that a small amount of play or no play at all takes place in the period between depositing and redeeming. There is a possibility that requests for redemption that are being submitted between 9 AM and 1 PM EST do not incur a fee if the method that is used is eligible. Another option for evading fees is if the used payment method has a fee that is 40 dollars or less and if that player hasn’t acquired payouts in the last 30 days or if the payout is sent on the morning of any given Monday. Every member can make use of a single free withdrawal every 30 days. When the funds are received or released from 5 Dimes, the website no longer holds any responsibility for it. When a player makes a transfer to a third party, the transaction is considered to be a redemption or a deposit. Chip dumping schemes will obviously result in account deletion. If a player is considered to be taking advantage of 5 Dimes’ programs in any incorrect manner, the website’s team can confiscate earnings and stop bonus rewards.


Whenever a new account is open at 5 Dimes, they get connected to the Number 1 Reward Plan otherwise known as Reduced Juice Rewards. If there are any other bonuses or types of prizes that the player would want to receive (rest assured there are plenty to choose from at 5 Dimes), all that needs to be done is to contact Customer Service and arrange it. If a member intends to switch a Reward Program following the processing of a redemption, he or she needs to make installments, the size of which is superior to the made withdrawals. Naturally, the site can deny the change of a Reward Program but usually that happens only if certain irregularities are found. Non-North American members who are benefiting from the Cash Back Reward Program can get the 20 percent Cash Back Reward only. They are also required to go through 30 days of activity before being able to qualify for a Cash Back Reward.

It is a long list but still not as long as the full description on the site itself, which members of this huge website are invited and urged to read. Furthermore, all of that is a subject to change, provided that the hard-working team of 5 Dimes decides to do so.