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Bodog Casino is completely closed for USA players. But Great news for all Bodog Casino players! All existing account and new registrations are transferred to new Bodog sister brand called - Bovada US casino. There are new Bovada Slots just ready to entertain you to the stairway of heaven just in Bodog Online Casino! Since Bovada Casino is already popular because of its great entertained range of unlimited slots online. Real Time Gaming Software had created this casino to attract your heart as a casino player. With great sound system and animated graphics you could not resist, Bovada Casino is just the place for you with slots, casino games, poker and sports betting! It is all in the house!

Three out of the five new slots had finally joined the great collection of Bovada Online Casino slots merely known as Sherlock Holmes, Phantom of the Opera and Field of Green.

Field of Green Slots

Field of Green SlotsThe first slot game I want to review on is Field of Green. With an American football themed slot to entertain football lovers worldwide, the graphics and sound effects is just as amazing. This makes you feel like you are in a football match to begin with high pitched whistles and horns. Winning up to $40,000 might be a big shot with just 5 footballers on hold. In Field of Green, there is a multi bonus game when 3 footballers are all in different type of places in sight which makes it more challenging and fun for players to compete. Each successful kick you make would reveal a bonus prize which consists of 25 free games with 3x multiplier. How amazing can this whole thing get? Field of Green is just the slot machine for you players who are just not into the football environment but also your chance of hitting random jackpot by surprises with a round up prize on average thousands of dollars! Kick the ball and hit your dreams of victory!

Sherlock Holmes Slots

Sherlock Holmes SlotsThe second slot game is Sherlock Holmes. With this 5 reels and 25 paylines slot machine, developed by Sir Arthur Conan Dolye, an author and physician from Scotland, Sherlock Holmes was created as an imaginary detective who is intelligent in solving all types of challenging cases that was unable to be solved by most young detectives. With dark green shades as the theme and graphical items that belongs to Sherlock Holmes such as a pipe, pocket watch and magnifying glass that belongs to most detectives all over the world. With interesting winning animations, the pocket watch grabs the most attention as one of the most interesting winnings when it is opening and closing. Throughout the game, you will also have music that is related to the detective layout. During winnings, Sherlock Holmes would complement you as "Well Done Watson!" which obviously shows that you are Watson. Watson is actually Sherlock Holmes most trusted assistant in the popular TV show in the early ages between the 19th and 20th century. This machine is known as the penny slot machine. There are two types of symbol in a normal slot machine game known as the wild and scatter symbol. In Sherlocks Holmes, the wild symbol is the watch symbol and the scatter symbol is the pocket watch. In this slot machine too, you as a player are entitled to free spins from the range of 5, 10 and 15 free spins when you land with 3, 4 and 5 Sherlock Holmes symbol respectively. Prizes are triples which in turn triple your happiness and luxury.

Phantom of the Opera Slots

Phantom of the Opera SlotsThe last slot game that you should consider on playing is Phantom of the Opera. With 5 reel and 20 paylines, this is the slot game which is just as musical and thrilling to your heart. Novel written by Gaston Leroux in the 19th century about the Opera House in Paris that was haunted by the phantom who was a professional musician with a mask to keep himself unidentified provides an uplifting career for Christine Daa'e, an amazing and beautiful soprano singer, this slot machine is related to music, emotions and characterizations which would brings much suspense in the game to keep the energy going! This would be the best slot games for players for both who watched and read the novel since they know what is going to happen. For those who had not read or watched Phantom of the Opera, there is still a chance to lift your spirits up since it is a surprising yet magical slot game in Bovada Casino. Graphical items include the Phantom, the mask, mirror, red rose, sheets of music and a letter sealed. Brown colored theme, the symbols have artistic designs and the music is splendid to the ears. It just feels like you are just like one of the audience in the opera entertained to the heart's contentment. The wild symbol is the mask and the scatter symbol is the letter symbol. In the Phantom of the Opera slot machine, there is the multiplier symbol which means during your free spins, your winning too increase to triple. The symbol is the Phantom himself.

I hope these new Bovada slot games would be as amazing as the old and lead you to the most fulfilled enhanced time in the online casino as how it always been! Happy Playing!

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