Online Casino Slots

By definition, all online slot games are video slots, but players will find that more often than not, traditionally styled three reel, single payline games are referred to as either “traditional” or “reel” games, and the more complex five and seven reel, multi-payline games are called “video” slots. Beyond that simple definition, there are a wide variety of terrific and entertaining slot games available on line that will appeal to every taste. Here are a few interesting variants that you will find.

Fruit Machines: Back in the dawn age of slot games, the symbols used were simple and readily identifiable images of fruit. Grapes, bananas, apples and lemons were all over, and the most desirable fruit in that salad were the high-paying cherries. Now that online casinos are replicating that early style of games, fruit themed games have reappeared in force! Most typically these are very traditional games with three reels and a single payline, but they are not limited to that.

Australian Slot Machines or Pokies: Down under slot games are often referred to as “Pokies” as shorthand term for Poker Machines. This term does not apply strictly to video poker games, but rather it is a carry-over from slot games of the distant past that used more card indices as symbols. Modern Australian style slot games are nearly always 5 reelers, with lots of paylines and lots of bonus games.

Japanese Slot Machines: In Japan slot machines are typically known as Pachisuro or Pachislo games, combining the word Pachinko with Slot Machine. These games are high-tech evolutions of traditional Japanese Pachinko machines. These games are offered in wide variety and often have shifting odds that may be set by the casino or that may change during play.

3 Reel Slot Machines: These were the earliest style of slot machine. Though there were early five-reelers, the three-reeled machines remained the dominant style due mainly to cost concerns. The first ones appeared in the 1890s and they were still the most commonly encountered machines in the 1950s and 60s. Today players can find great tributes to the three-reelers of old in the form of Traditional Slots found at many online casinos. These games are simple and fun to play and they have the potential to be very rewarding.

5 Reel Slot Machines: Five-reel machines were the next step in slot machine development after the three-reelers. The addition of two more reels adds opportunity for many more winning combinations. The vast majority of modern bonus slot games are variants of five-reel machines, generally offering numerous paylines.

Progressive Slots: Progressive slot games have top-paying jackpots that vary with the number of players playing the game. As more players play, and the jackpot is not won, it escalates. When it is finally hit, it defaults back to a minimum amount, and starts over again. As a result, progressive slot games can have jackpots ranging into many thousands of dollars on a regular basis. Due to the potential for huge payouts, these games are the choice of many of the top slot players.

i-Slots: These are a genuinely new type of slot game from Rival Gaming. The “i” stands for interactive, and they have ongoing and complex side-games that are constantly changing and developing. Aimed at the X-Box generation of player, these games are lots of fun and they keep players engaged for hours on end.

The Best Online Slots Casinos

All of the top casinos offer large and varied collections of slot games. Club USA Casino, Royal Ace Casino and every top casino offers many of these styles of slot games. So find your favorite one and settle in for an evening of fun and exciting slots for real money.

Should You Play Online Slots for Money?

People play online slots for many reasons. For some, they represent a way to pass the time, a way to enjoy some entertaining characters, storylines, and game elements. For others, the focus is on trying to get hold of some cash prizes. Sure, they enjoy the game and everything it offers, but trying to score a big prize is their main intention.

So, the question of whether you should play online slots for money has different answers. The answer that applies to you depends on how you approach these games. So, let’s look at some elements to think about to get your answer.

Are you familiar with betting real money on outcomes in games?

If not, and the idea doesn’t appeal to you, then you have your answer already. For others, the thrill of wagering even a few cents on a game is enough to persuade them to play the real version.

Of course, if you know you would like to try the real slots for real money, you must be sure you can manage a budget. This should always be affordable, and it should be money you are willing and able to lose should this occur.

Many players think of their online casino play in the same way others think of investing in other leisure activities. Lots of hobbies involve a financial investment in the tools required to conduct that hobby. If you love playing casino games with the chance of winning the occasional prize, whether large or small, you could approach your budget in the same way.

Is the prize aspect important to you?

There are two potential outcomes here. Firstly, you might want to play slots and have a chance to collect prizes, even if they are only counted in cents. Secondly, it may be the game itself that appeals most of all. There are certainly plenty of great features involved in modern slots. With great storylines, numerous bonuses, free spins, and other on-reels features too, you can find slots that deliver an outstanding experience. If this is most important to you, you’ll be content to play online slots without ever making a real wager.

So, it comes down to knowing who you are and what you want to get out of playing slots. You likely already know the answer, so you can use that to see how to get the most out of your slot game play from today on.