Top Games from Top Game

At All Casino Slots, we are always on the look-out for the best slot games providing you fun and excitement. Black Diamond Casino, which is powered by Pragmatic Play (former Top Game), has some of the wildest and most unique slot games online. Here are more Pragmatic Play (former Top Game) casinos:

Pragmatic Play (former Top Game) Slots

To this end here are top 10 popular Pragmatic Play (former Top Game) Slots:

Bingo Slots

Bingo Slots: Bingo players will be thrilled with this slot game! Where else can you find a bingo/slot game all in one!

Black Diamond Slots

Black Diamond Slots: A graphically stunning slot game filled with diamonds galore and a jackpot to match.

Dioblo13 Slots

Dioblo13 Slots: 13 may be your lucky number playing this horror-themed slot game with 13 paylines!

Fruit Slots

Fruit Slots: One of the all-time favorites among slot players, these very healthy delights can garner you a 6000-coin jackpot.

Sweet Surprise Slots

Sweet Surprise Slots: Who doesn't love desserts? Indulge yourself playing this very "sweet" slot game where calories increase the payouts and not your waistline.

Treasures of Pharaoh Slots

Treasures of Pharaoh Slots: Any time we can find an ancient Egyptian-themed slot, we know there is a large payout not far behind.

Shia Safavids Treasure Slots

Shia Safavids Treasure Slots: Take a magic carpet ride playing this Persian-themed slot game. Look for the Genie to grant your 3 wishes!

Wild Sevens Slots

Wild Sevens Slots: We consider this slot game a classic, combining 7s and fruits reminiscent of the first slot machines every conceived.

Morpheus Dream Slots

Morpheus Dream Slots: How appropriate to have a slot game about Morpheus, the Greek God of Dreams! If you love Greek mythology, this is one slot game you will thoroughly enjoy.

Glamour Slots

Glamour Slots: Live high on the hog playing this very pink and very chic slot game. It's perfect for the New Year celebrations!