Live in the US and frustrated by the barriers put up to make placing online bets more difficult? Never fear! There are still a number of ways for you to deposit money in your favorite online casino, and more importantly, get paid when you win.

Here is a brief overview of some of the most popular methods:

Wire Transfer

Many online casinos offer you the option to withdraw your winnings by requesting a Wire Transfer, which is deposited directly into your bank account. Although many other casino payment methods listed here also allow for funds to be directly deposited into your account, some players still prefer to withdraw the money directly from the casino. Most casinos offer wire transfers as a withdrawal method (and in a few cases, as a deposit method). There is often a cost involved for this service from both the casino and from the bank.

Visa and MasterCard

Once upon a time the ONLY method of placing best online bets, credit cards are still one of the most common methods of payments used in online gaming. All casinos usually accept cards from Visa, MasterCard and Diners Club International. Casinos apply limits on how much can be deposited through credit cards. There is a daily limit per card as well as a limit on individual transactions. These limits vary from casino to casino. Players should be aware that some banks do not allow payments for online gambling and cards issued by these banks will not transfer funds to casinos.

American Express Card

US players know how difficult it is to place deposits in some of their favourite casinos, and that using credit cards in on-line casinos is not common any more, so we did the legwork for you and found the very best online. US-friendly in all ways, our recommended list guarantees acceptance of your AMEX card.


eWalletXpress is a popular option for making payments to online casinos. eWalletXpress offers its members the opportunity to open online accounts from which they can transfer funds to online casinos or other online providers of goods and services. Once the member funds their eWalletXpress account funds can instantly be transfered through the casinos' deposit options. eWalletXpress is an very secure option because it uses the latest technology and security protocols to protect the privacy of its members' personal information.
eWalletXpress is one of the quickest ways of withdrawing funds from casino accounts. Funds are in the eWalletXpress account within 24 hours. As of now, eWalletXpress is not available for residents of the United States, but welcome for players of the United Kingdom and Canada.

Western Union

There is a reason that everyone knows about Western Union, as they are traditionally the leaders in money transfer services. Funds can be transferred from over 245,000 Western Union Agent locations in over 200 countries. Western Union has earned a reputation of speed and reliability.
In order to transfer funds you have to go to your nearest Western Union agent. (see their website for specific locations)
The player provides them with specific details of the casino to which he wants to send the funds. You can find these details from the banking or customer support section of the casino. The player can pay Western Union by any valid method including cash. Paying by cash is a major advantage for those who do not want to involve a bank account or credit card. After Western Union transfers the funds, it gives the player a control number. You then give this control number to the casino and the funds are credited to your account. If you prefer, you can also deposit money in the casino from the Western Union website using a credit card. You can also transfer money over the telephone by calling the Western Union Call Cash number and providing the required details of your credit or debit card. Western Union imposes a maximum transfer limit of $1000 within a revolving 30-day period. Some casinos may in addition impose minimum or maximum limits of their own. Western Union charges a fee on every transaction. Some casinos pay the fee provided the amount transferred is sufficiently large. Others do not so using this option may cost you a fee. Not all casinos allow Western Union withdrawals. Those that do charge the players for this service.


Instant checks, also known as eChecks, are one of the fastest growing payment methods in online casinos. All that is required is a checking account with an available balance in it. After registering as a player online casino that offers the eCheck option, simply go to the cashier section and select eCheck as the payment option. The funds are transferred from your bank account to the casino account, making eChecks one of the safest methods of making a casino deposit. The payments are fully encrypted and therfore, safe.
Withdrawal through eCheck is just as simple in reverse. The casino uses the same technology to transfer funds from the player's casino account to his/her checking account. All you have to do is select the eCheck option when making withdrawals.

Rapid Transfer

Rapid Transfer (Moneygram) is the newest depositing and withdrawal method available to US players. There are several companies that provide this online money processing service, which works just like Western Union, but is specific to online casinos. It is a more efficient version of cash transfer where you send and receive money from places such as Walmart and other retail outlets.

SolidDebit Card

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Have fun careful out there!

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