2UP Game

Two-up comes from Australia and it is usually played to mark Anzac Day. Simply put, the gameplay involves a “spinner”, who will throw two coins in the air. The players will bet on the way the coins will land – heads or tails. There is also a boxer, who oversees the game and has a rather passive role. The legitimate version of the game was introduced as a table game in Hobart, in 1973. Nowadays its played across pubs and bars and it has also made its way to online websites.

The Gameplay in Details

At the start of the game, cheered on by his friends and being dubbed as “the spinner” one person will be selected to toss the coins in the air. The spinner won’t be just a dealer-type of presence in the game – in fact, he is the center of attention. The observer type role is that of the boxer but nevertheless, he is still affected by the bets. The spinner wins when two coins land on the heads side and loses when two coins land on the tails side. If one coin is heads and the other is tails, the spinner will throw the coin again (this combination is called odds).

Before the spinner throws the coins, he or she is required to make a bet, which will be successful if the coin lands on its heads side. The spinner’s bet must be covered by another player. If the spinner ends up winning, he will keep the wagered amount and if the spinner loses, the amount will go to the player who covered the wager. The boxer gets to keep a portion of the bet for himself. The remaining players will be wagering against each other predicting the outcome of the coins’ toss.

Entertaining Variations

There are several variations of the game. They differ because of their definitions of what makes the spinner win or lose. In some versions, the spinner emerges victorious or loses after different, longer combinations of heads, tails or odds. There are also types of 2UP that involve the throwing of 3 coins and in them, the bet is placed against the spinner. When the game is played in casinos, the house is usually covering the spinner’s bets as well as the side bets made by the rest of the players.

2Up is a simple, entertaining and highly riveting online game, which is playable both online and in real life and if you love gambling, it might just turn out to be one of your favorites.