It’s Good to be Bad Slots

It's Good to be Bad is a Real Time Gaming 3-reel, 1-payline progressive slot which has a heaven and hell theme. It is so similar to the traditional one arm bandit. However, this game has two arms with the devil keeping check on the bad side of the game. This game guarantees a lot of fun and excitement. It's not actually bad for a classic slot. Ready to play now? Download Bovada Casino software and play for winning big and not bad money.

It's Good to be Bad Slots Features

The game is one of the most popular New Bodog Slot Mashines. Offers a maximum prize of 600 coins. It accepts coin denominations from 0.25 to 1.00. You should be careful about choosing your coin denomination. You cannot change it later on without practically changing slot machines. The game, however, does not feature of bonus round. It does not have multipliers or scatters. It does not Wild symbols, but it does offer free spins.

This RTG slot has the same characteristics those other classic RTG slots posses. The reels are quick in rotations, the sounds are great, and the graphics are exceptional. The slot though features the traditional slot symbols like 7s, Cherries and BARs. If you would like to win the 600 coins jackpot, you should hit three red 7s on the payline. The game accepts a maximum of three coins. It is advisable to place a maximum wager so you'd have a chance of winning the maximum jackpot.

Playing the Game

Like most online slot machine, you would have to purchase credit using your central fund into the slot machine so that you would be able to play. After which you can then place your bet. When placing your bet, remember to carefully consider the amount you are going to wager. Make sure that you are satisfied with the coin denomination and the number of coins you would like to place as wager. Your choice will ultimately affect the amount of payout or your winnings.

After you make your decision, you can then place your wager by either clicking on the Bet One button or the Play 3 Credits button. If you would to wage a single coin bet, click on the Bet One. The Play 3 Credits allow you to place a maximum coin wager. You can then proceed to spinning the reels.

It's Good to be Bad Jackpots and Free Spins

The unique twist to this game is that if you want to hit the jackpot, you should play a rather unfortunate game of slot. This game brilliantly rewards both winners and losers. You need to lose four spins in a row in order to win a free spin. Subsequently, you need to lose another two spin to win another free spin. You don't have to wonder where the game got its name.

Where to Play It's Good to be Bad Slots

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