7 Oceans Slots

Many times people feel like the newest online slots can be a bit overwhelming with the variety of playing and winning options available. Some people just prefer the basic and conventional old school slots of yesteryear. 7 Oceans slots is just the answer for you offering nothing but the basics but enough for you to bet small but win big! Because of its presentation, 7 Oceans slots is an all time favorite for many. Another thing that makes 7 Oceans slots more practical is that it offers three reels and only one pay line.

Betting Possibilities

7 Oceans slots allow you to play from just one or up to three coins, however every time you add a coin you open up the opportunity to win a more attractive prize. In other words, if you stick with the one coin wager then you would only win 45 coins as opposed to wagering the limit (3 coins) and winning 4,000 coins. This would be true in the event that you were to find three 7 Oceans symbols across your reels. Truthfully, you will not get any big wins unless you bet three coins. The coin value is not as important as the number of coins used in determining your final winnings.

7 Oceans Slots offers Simplicity

7 Oceans slots is ideal for those that want to play but don't like to wager big bets, don't like all the fancy, high tech extras, and don't like to be rushed. This is a smooth game that accommodates all of those needs. As a matter of fact, the only symbols involved in this game are the 7's and the Bars so it doesn't get much simpler than that.

Wager Amounts

Play with coin values ranging from a quarter to five bucks. This means that you can bet up to $15 on each spin if you so desire. 7 Oceans slots is the perfect online slot for those that are just starting out in the world of online gaming and it is well liked by those seasoned players that just like to return to the basics for a while.

Where to Play 7 Oceans Slots

32Red Casino is the best online casino to play 7 Oceans Slots. 32Red Casino is a very striking and well-designed casino and is well-suited for Mac users as it offers no-download software. This is also very fitting for Windows users.

You can play this game in downloading version at other Microgaming casinos.