Grand 7's Slots

If you are feeling a little patriotic then maybe you’ll want to play a little 7's and Bars Slots so you can salute the USA and win some cash doing it! The whole slot game is devoted to the red, while, and blue color theme. The game is pretty straightforward and is really a joy to play. This is made possible because 7's and Bars Slots offers only three reels and one pay line…it doesn’t get much simpler than that.

Grand 7's Slots Wins

Coin values in 7's and Bars slots range from a nickel to $5 and you can wager up to three coins so that means that you can bet up to $15 per spin. Keep in mind that if you are aiming for the bigger jackpots then you have to load up the machine. The good news is that with 7's and Bars slots the maximum bets are rather low as opposed to other online slots.

Grand 7's Slots Jackpot

7's and Bars slots offers a top jackpot of over $12,000 which isn’t huge but would surely feel great to win, especially since you don’t to offer up much to win it. The risk to reward is perfect. Overall, the game is a lot of fun and can keep you occupied for a while.

Grand 7's Slots Symbols

7's and Bars slots does not have a wild symbol but what it does have is ten various winning combinations. The sevens make up the three top pays with three red sevens awarding the jackpot of 2500 credits. The blue sevens pay 240 coins for the triple and there is also a mixed sevens win. There really isn’t much going on in this game in terms of symbols, there is only sevens, bars and cherries. The least amount of money that you can win is six coins for one lone cherry symbol. The best possible combination you can get is three red sevens in a row.

Where to Play Grand 7's Slots

7's and Bars slots can be played at :