Bodog Casino Games With Highest Payout

Bodog is one of the hottest casinos on the Internet. It offers sports book and off-track betting as a growing collection of casino games.

Casino Theory 101

At any casino, online or brick-and-mortar, the returns on any given game are going to be somewhat less than 100%. A game that returns, for example, 95%, makes 5% profit for the casino, or, in more concrete terms, for every dollar that is played, on the average, the player wins back 95¢ and the casino keeps 5¢. That is a pretty modest profit margin.

These average returns include the really big jackpots that are paid out, so the rate of return on shorter play sessions will typically be somewhat less than the average rate.

Bucking the Odds

Experienced players know that the best way to buck the odds is to engage in games that employ some skill and strategy rather than pure luck. Despite the average rates of return calculated on the Blackjack or Craps table, those odds are somewhat malleable once the player really knows how to play the games. Bear in mind that getting returns on many of these games is reliant on knowledge of the game and familiarity with how to bet. Roulette may offer decent odds on Black/Red bets, but if you are betting on a single number, the odds are long indeed.

Highest Payout Games

  • Blackjack: 98.56%
  • Caribbean Stud: 97.15%
  • Video Poker (all types, averaged): 95.46%
  • Roulette: 94.70%
  • Bodog Slots (all games, averaged): 90.06%
  • All other games: 90.62%

The rule of thumb is that Bodog Blackjack and Blackjack style games, such as Baccarat, pay out the highest, followed by table based poker games, followed by other table games and finally, slots. Since there is no real strategy to slot games, there is no way to swing the odds in favor of the players.

Playing at Bodog

The big secret to big payouts in online gaming is to learn the games that you like to play the best. While Blackjack and Poker offer the potential for big payouts, the payouts will be dramatically lower if you do not know how to play the games well. The benefit of slot games is that while the calculated return is a bit lower than the card and table games, it is steady. There is no strategy or skill level to modify the payout, and, as a result, every player can be assured of a fairly stable rate.

Bodog is one of the big dogs in the online casino world, and they have a sterling reputation for fairness of play. Bodog posts its certificates on its website, guaranteeing the randomness of its random number generators, the programs that make computer simulations of casino games possible.

So head on over to Bodog Casino tonight and play some of their huge offering of exciting and rewarding casino games!