Jazz Time Slots

Jazz Time Slots

Smooth, easy, and enjoyable! Those words could describe what many say about jazz but it could also describe Jazz Time slots. This is a bonus video slot that has five reels and nine pay lines. It is all about jazz both in the graphics and the audio. There are some 28 winning combinations. This is all made possible by RealTime Gaming. The top jackpot is worth 10,000 coins and the second high jackpot is worth 4,000 coins. Play with coin values that start as low as a penny and go up to five bucks a spin. You can play as many as 45 coins per spin making for a top bet of $225. There is a bonus game on the second screen and an additional one on the reels. You can download this slot game and play it with access to all of the bells and whistles or you can play the flash version. This will deliver speedy play direct from your web browser. Download and play Jazz Time Slots today! It is always in your best interest to play the maximum amount of coins if you want to win the most amounts of cash. There is loads of cash at stake here!

Some Jazzy Symbols

Some of the symbols on the reels include the Bass, Drum, Drumstick, Guitar, Hi hat, Piano, Snare drum, and the Trumpet. Get three Grand Pianos and you will trigger the Jam Session Bonus Round. This bonus feature is played on the second screen. This is a bonus game where the idea is to pick certain items that will determine your bonus amount. Go to the Big Money Bonus when you simply get three drums. This is the bonus game that is played on the reels. These two bonus games give you great chances at huge winnings!

Hands Free Gaming

Take advantage of the auto play feature that is available with Jazz Time Slots. When you use it you can take advantage of hands free gaming. This is a very nice option that lets you set the machine for as many spins as you want and allow it to work for you while you walk away from it and tend to something else.

You do not have to love jazz to love Jazz Time slots. Make sure that you put this game high on top of your list of things to do! Play Jazz Time slots!