Bangkok Nights Slots

With pick and win features, Kings, Queens, Jacks and aces, top hats and entry tickets to boot, you can see why so many people are clamoring to play Bangkok Nights Slots. But what can you expect when you play?

How many reels does the game have?

This is a five reel slots game that pays out on various different combinations.

How many potential paylines are there?

With twenty paylines in all you can choose how many of them you want to lay money down on. That’s twenty chances of winning every time you play.

What is the maximum bet you can place?

The maximum bet for playing Bangkok Nights Slots is $300. You can bet a lot less than this of course – stick within whatever budget you have set for yourself.

What is the minimum bet?

The minimum bet on this slots game is just one cent per line. Choose how many lines you want to play – play ten and pay a minimum of ten cents. Choose all twenty and pay twenty cents. This makes Bangkok Nights suitable for everyone, no matter what your budget might be.

Are there any special symbols to watch out for?

You bet! The girl with the pink feathers gives you a substitute – you can replace any other symbol with it to help you get a winning line. Five substitutes would win you an amazing $10,000, so be sure you watch out for them.

The Bangkok Nights club sign is the scatter symbol. This pays out from the left hand side of the screen to the right, and you can win with just two symbols or more. And the pick and win feature gives you the chance to earn a bonus prize too. There are two girls to choose from and once you have chosen one, you can take that prize or try your luck with the other girl if you think it is worth it.

Play Bangkok Nights Slots now

As you can see, this slots game has everything you could want from a great online slots experience. With five reels, twenty paylines and lots of potential bonuses to watch for, you could be glad you downloaded Bangkok Nights Slots and played it for the first time. Why not try it today? It could be your favorite slots game of all, no matter what others you have played.