Derby Dollars Slots

What excites race goers and keeps them coming back to the racetrack is the fast-paced action and the thrill of betting that seems to make everything else as interesting as a lump of clay. Running horses, jumping jockeys and bets piling up seems to just pump adrenalin into every race goer's nerve.

Apply the same level of action and excitement on a slot game and you have Derby Dollars. Inspired by the pace and the thrill of racing, Bodog Casino introduces one of the newest slots available in the market. Hold on to your horses; look out with your binoculars for some free spin, big prizes and random progressive jackpot that are heading your way. Read our New Bovada Casino review for more information casino promotions. One of the great opportunities that Bovada offers is that this game is available both in downloading version and in Flash version.

The Wild Card and the Scatter Symbols

The horse is your wild card symbol. Use it to form your winning combination. You cannot, however, use it as a substitute for scatters.

The Bonus Derby Dollars Slots Feature

Watch out for some scattered coins that may come your way. Two or more of these coin can give you free games from 5 to 25 depending on the number of coins you've got. You can with more horse and coins symbols, play for bigger prizes and gain more free game when you use free game credits. Imagine the number of games your can play!

The Progressive Derby Dollars Slots Jackpot

Want to win more than a horse could carry? Play more in Derby Dollars casino and you just might win the progressive jackpot that is shown in your screen. It is randomized so you can still win it regardless of the time you opt to place and what currency you are holding.

Derby Dollar's Keys

The buttons are easily to understand. Like all many RTG slots, Derby Dollar slots uses four buttons, the Help, Line, Auto Play and the Bet Buttons. The Help Button shows the player the winning combinations, the rules and the bonus rounds in case they forget. the Line Button is used to let the players choose the line they want to be on. The default is set at all lines and by using this button, the player can select the lines he wanted. Auto Play button is used to put the game into Auto Mode, which is especially useful if you want to leave your PC for a while but don't want to break your winning streak. Lastly, the Bet button enables player to wager money on the line or on the game. Bet coins value ranges from a cent to five dollars per line.

Why Play Derby

Fast Paced Action with high prizes at stake. What could be better? With almost guaranteed gaming what have you got to lose for trying? Download and install Bovada Casino software today and play Derby Dollars to experience the thrill and the excitement of even just playing the game.