Honey to the Bee Slots

If big prizes and big fun are as attractive to you as honey is to the bee, then you've got to try Honey to the Bee Slots. This colorful and uncomplicated five reel slot machine game is yet another product from the creative minds over at Real Time Gaming (RTG), one of the top providers for online casino slot games.

There are several good online casinos that offer Honey to the Bee Slots and the best from them are Slots.LV Casino and Bovada Casino.

Download Honey to the Bee Slots now and Worker Bees will gather up something sweet and golden for you and your bank account!

Some Very Busy Bees

Just like in any hive, the Worker Bee is one of the most important among the bunch of symbols in Honey to the Bee slots. Not only does it act as a Wild symbol or a substitute for any other symbol, it also multiplies your prize when it's part of the winning combination. That can make for some bee-utiful payouts!

The Beehive is yet another important symbol in this entertainingly gaudy slots game. The Beehive is the Scatter symbol, so you get paid when it shows up on the display, regardless of its arrangement. But the role of the Beehive doesn't end there. Get at least one Worker Bee on reels one to four and get a Beehive on reel five to win an amazing fifteen free games! All of your prizes are doubled during the free games, so make like a worker bee and get spinning!

Honey Gold

With Honey to the Bee slots, you can have up to 20 pay lines for some serious slot machine fun. You can bet anywhere from 1 cent to $5 per line and, with all the bonuses and multipliers, you can get up to 40,000 times your winning bet amount. That's a payout of up to $200,000! It's a sweet sum of honey, money that even the Queen Bee will find hard to ignore.

There's more to winning at Honey to the Bee slots than just getting the right combinations at the reels. Watch out for that Progressive Prize counter that's just over the center reel because you never know when it might decide to drop its contents into your balance! That's right! It just drops money into your pocket, no minimum bets or winning combinations required.

The Worker Bees are gathering up something sweet and golden for you and your bank account, so get over there and get all of it! The Beehives and the Queen Bee are just waiting for you to get at that huge payout, so get spinning at the Honey to the Bee slots game!