Cash Cow Slots

Cash Cow Slots is the newest inhabitant of online casino barns. This funny pasture, farm and cow themed slot title game allows you to rake up big casino credit prizes that can reach a coin value of 50.000. In order to make the winning and spinning process even more exciting, you can also make use of special player features like the pick-em bonus, the free spins and re-spin round, the Kooky chicken reward and the cash cow perk. Play Cash Clow Slots today, and see how much moolah you can squeeze out of it.

Squeeze out Those Winnings in the Pick Your Milk Jug Bonus Game

Randomly trigger the pick your milk jug bonus feature during standard games or when you happen to spin three cash cow milk jug symbols on the reels during free spins sessions. Every cash cow milk jug reveals a different reward that can be as high as 40 times the bet. You have the opportunity to pick a jug or you can exchange it for a different one. In total, you are allowed to exchange the jug a maximum of three times. Milk jug attributes will only show up on slot reels one, three and five.

Watch out for the Cow-Pie Bingo Bonus Feature

The Cow-Pie Bingo is the second bonus feature in this slot title. Just like the pick your milk jug bonus, you can activate it randomly during standard game sessions, but also when you manage to spin three cow attributes during free spins. It is up to you to pick the spot where the cash cow needs to leave a mark. Also, you can buy extra areas so that you increase the chance of winning a stunning 180 times the bet reward.

Slot Reels Become Fertile During the Harvest Moon Scatter

A harvest moon symbol that depicts vegetables and a full red moon functions as the fertile scatter icon in this game. Your scatter wins will be multiplied by the complete bet. Scatter symbol combinations pay in addition to the win line rewards. Eight scatters provide the highest multiplier, which is a staggering 100 times. In addition, 7 scatters are matched to a 40 time multiplier, 6 to a 20 times multiplier, 5 to a 10 times multiplier, 4 to a 5 times multiplier, and 3 scatters multiply you total bet 1 time.

Collect Payouts With the Re-Spin Pigs in a Basked Wild

Three pigs in a basked form a re-spin wild attribute that will be stacked. Spin the re-spin wild three times on slot reel two to collect all of the winning symbol combination payouts. Then, slot reel number two will be held while the remaining four reels start to spin again, after which you have another opportunity to collect all of the winning symbol combination payouts. Furthermore, the cash cow icon and its rewards will become available when the re-spins are active. Lastly, bonus games and free spins features are not available when you're playing with re-spins.

Luck Is on Your Side When You Spin the Cash Cow Scatter

Luck is on your side when the special cash cow scatter icon appears on the slot reels in a multitude of two, three or four. You will then receive 1 per cent, 10 per cent or even 100 per cent of the reward that the generous cash cow puts on display. During every spin, a new and randomly generated gift will be revealed. Such a reward represents 20 times to 250 times the bet amount.

Other High Credit Paying Farm Themed Symbols on the Slot Reels

Besides all those special reel attributes that hand out exciting rewards, you can also fill your casino bankroll with the regular high paying symbols in this game. The highest credit reward is being given away by the scarecrow symbol, which also happens to function as another wild in the game. Spin it 5 times on the reels and then celebrate the victory with a reward of 2000 blinking coins. The farmer is second in line when it comes to symbol payouts. Spin 5 farmers and receive a reward of no less than 1000 credits. The pretty cowgirl is the third highest paying symbol, who is connect to a maximum reward of 500 credits. The raging bull might look very angry, but he is still going to give you a reward of 350 credits if you spin him 5 times on the reels. The highest card playing symbols are next in line. An A is good for a maximum reward of 200 credits, and a K gives you a top reward of 100 credits. The lower paying Q (75 credits for 5 hits), the J (50 credits for 5 hits) and the number 10 (40 credits for 5 hits) further fuel your bankroll with casino credits.

High paying symbol combination rewards are already very juicy, but things get even better during randomly triggered free spins sessions. When the free spins are active, your slot reel wins will be generously doubled. These complimentary spins rounds will be played on a separate set of reels.

Use all of the mentioned symbols to make profitable winning combinations. While you do so, keep in mind that they need to be lined up in an order that proceeds from the left to the right. Only scatters do not follow this rule. They can occur and pay on any slot reel position. Lastly, you will only receive the highest symbol payout on a win line.

Squeeze Gallons of Profits out of Cash Cow Slots

Keep your eyes open for the new cash Cow Slots title, and make sure that you wake up early to milk its profits into your casino bank account. Also, if you're not done after playing this game and you like to squeeze some more money out of a farm animal themed slot title, then Milk The Cash Cow Slots might be a very rewarding second casino game of choice.