Vikings' Victory Slots

The Vikings, or Norsemen were the undisputed seafaring rulers of the time. Infamous for invading and pillaging entire villages on their raids from their bases in Scandinavia. They stole everything from treasure to women! A common prayer in northern England where the Vikings struck most: "Oh God save us from the wrath of the Norsemen". Vikings believed that in order to enter Valhalla (heaven), they had to die in battle, with their sword in hand. This partly explains their violent nature and temperament!

Skill of the Vikings

You will join the Vikings on raiding and pillaging trips to find hidden loot, treasures and riches. The 5 Reels and 25 Pay Lines are there to help you on your way to total victory with the Vikings. You will plunder for great prizes and gifts with the pick-and-click, Free Spins feature. The Wild will help to substitute others Symbols creating winning combinations to further up the tempo. You might even get the top prize: Jackpot worth 5,000 times your wager amount.

Set Sail on a Viking Longship

The user interface is super easy to use and extremely user friendly. Controlled by one button, the game allows a window to pop up in order to customize the game any way one wants to by clicking the Change Bet Button. The amount of active paylines, the coin sizes on the Pay Lines as well as the number of coins per line. Wagering can take place on any (or all) of the 25 Pay Lines and Coin values vary from a minor €0.01 all the way up to €5 per coin. Maximum betting is limited to 10 Coins per line which creates a very wide range of betting options of €0.01 and €1,250 per Spin. A spin with all paylines enabled on minimum will cost you €0.25. The aim of most players will of course be the Jackpot, with its 5,000 times your maximum bet of €1,250. Imagine that!

Viking Vision

With Viking Victory you get the full Norse culture from a Viking longboat stern on one side of the screen, to full Viking symbolism and Icons generally associated with the whole Viking mythology and culture. A complete immersion one would say. Facing the Reels gives the impression of bring in a Vikings' Ship. The prefect backdrop to win Free Spins, and pick your treasure chest to win. Or else one has the option of gambling the winnings for even larger payouts! The Viking with a Mace who is holding the morning star; a weapon with a spiky ball fastened to the end of a shaft is the Wild Symbol which can net you a neat 5,000 credits. The other high paying Symbol is the Viking with 2 Axes (the Scatter Symbol). This can net you 300 credits. Getting all 5 Symbols ensures maximum payout however, Viking Victory pays out for 2 or 4 of a kind as well. Other Symbols included in Viking Victory are the Archer/Swordsman, the numbers 9 and 10, along with the high card letters; J, Q, K and A. Winning values range from 5 up to 150 for the lesser values, and 250 for the Archer/Swordsman Symbol.

The Vikings' Victory Bonus Game is activated upon getting 3 Scatter Symbols. This engaging game entails choosing from 3 chests to find out exactly how many Free Spins you have won. The Free Spins come with a generous Multiplier to increase the winning chances.

All in all Viking Victory is a real victory over lesser mortal games. Valhalla awaits anyone who dares to step within the Vikings' Ship. The impressive game graphics will transport you to a forgotten world. The mountains and trees make up the game background, with smoke to be seen billowing from beyond the screen. The five reels are transposed onto a sail, with the 25 Pay Lines marked by red flags. Watch the Vikings come to life once you spin the Reels. Feel the power of the Vikings. The power to win!