Liberty 7's Slots

The land of the patriots, the flag with red, white and blue! These are the colors of the flag of U.S.A. One tribute to this symbol is evident in one of the famous slot machines in casinos. The Liberty 7’s is one version of the lucky 7’s that has a patriotic theme. It is laid out from the original casino slot machine. Let’s find out from this article how this game is described and how does it work.

The Star-Spangled Banner Game of Liberty 7's Slots

Although the Liberty 7’s game is like the Lucky 7’s ,it also has its distinct features. This 3-reels game has its unique symbols. Since the Liberty 7’s has a patriotic theme, the color of the symbols only revolves around the three colors of red, white and blue which is the color of the US flag. Therefore, the only thing you have focus on is make a combination of all red, white and blue colored sevens. For instance, in one pay line, it will not matter what symbols you get as long as you form a combination of all red, white and blue sevens to get a win.

In order to win the jackpot, you should align a red 7, white 7 and blue 7 in that particular order. If you have formed a combination of red, white and blue 7 with the maximum bet, you can win 10000 coins.

Liberty 7's wagers

When it comes to how much you will bet, the game allows you to bet a maximum of three coins. The coin denominations will range from six different varieties. The coin sizes you can use will range from 10 cents to 10 dollars. The winnings you will receive depend on how much you bet. If you are high roller, you will get the chance to win big. On the other hand, if you only bet a low amount, the chances of getting a high amount will be unrealized.

The Liberty 7’s Slots game is an exciting game, just like the other slot games. If you are the patriotic type, you can feel like a patriot by playing this game at Liberty Slots Casino . Feel the ambiance of the revolution. You will never waste a dull moment. If you get the chance to play this game, I assure you that you will be asking for more! Try your luck and get a chance to win big. Go online now and play the Liberty 7’s .