Lucky 7s Slots

Slot machine gaming is taken one step further with 7 reels, up from the usual three and five reels one commonly sees. If you’re a person who finds slot machine games too simple for your tastes, then go ahead and try Lucky Sevens and find what makes this a bit different compared with other games. It would be the only game one would find with the same number of paylines and reels. Lucky Sevens is offered by Wager Gaming Technology, and playing this game is a real pleasure. Read our Liberty Slots Casino review to find out about all casino bonuses and promotions and identify for yourself which one answers most of your needs.

Lucky 7s Slots Rules

Slot machine game has always been an easy game to do and Lucky Sevens is no exception. If you haven’t tried it before, this game will not make you confused with too many extra rules. Here is how it works.

The first choice you have to make is the coin size that you prefer playing by pushing the buttons for coins from $0.01 to $10. Then the next choice to decide on is the number of coin bets to play that will correspond to the number of paylines you wish to enable for that round. It can be from 1 to 7 paylines. Then, you’re ready to spin the reels. But if you want to do this in one fell swoop that’s possible too with the Bet Max buttons that sets a player up for the maximum coin bet and maximum playlines for the round.

Payouts for Symbols

There are at least six symbols that could mean a payout for players. These are the Lucky 7s, Bag of Money, Gold Bar, Poker Chip, Billiard Ball and Cherries symbols. Generally, one would need to see at least three of the same symbols in one activated payline to win. The more symbols of the same kind you see on an enabled payline the higher the amount of wins a player can get. For all 6 symbols, seeing 7 of them on all reels will mean a payout of no less than 50 times up to 2,500 times your coin bet.

The paylines are not necessarily horizontal so it would be nice to understand how one should read the paylines from time to time. In case a player has no idea what the paylines are, no worries on that because the game software will do the checking for you all the time and you would just see the credits pouring in to your account.

Where to play Lucky 7s

If seven is your favorite or lucky number then this game could be the one you need that will finally give you that much win with a click of the mouse.