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There is a big confusion in the online slot machine fans world about Mermaid Slots. Some people say the right name for it is Mermaid’s Quest, others are sure it's Mermaid Queen and lots of players are completely disagree - it's Mermaid Million. Who is right? Why it's so complicated? Is it Mermaid Mystery? Well, the answers to all those questions are in front of you.

Mystical Mermaid Queen Slots

Mermaid Queen Slots At Silver Oak Casino, there is also a type of slot game with the term mermaids in it. The difference in the name - Mermaid Queen leads us to the differences. With 5-reel, 20 payline slots with progressive jackpot at random and free bonus spins, Mermaid Queen gains the all time attraction worldwide. With the Real Time Gaming software, Silver Oak Casino welcomes you with mermaids and pearls as the theme of the game.

Speaking of which, there is this good looking man in this slot game which represents the jackpot symbol. Well handsome man is signified as jackpot after all. 7,500 coins will be yours if and only if you achieve 5 of these good looking men. Apart from the jackpot symbol, there is also the ship, pearl shell necklace and of course the clown fish. Winning combinations are made of pearl with 5 different letters which is A, K, Q, J, T and 9’s. Now coming to the important part is the Bonus Free Spins in the game. When the mermaid symbols appears on the 1, 3 and 5 reels, you are more than just plain lucky. You are awarded 10 ultimate free spins. With the free spins, you are also getting extra bonus that is additional free spins every time a clam symbol pops up. All are doubled during the first 10 spins which was free and then tripled for the next sets of free spins you had earned!

Mermaid’s Pearls Slots: RTG’s Gorgeous Underwater Adventure

Mermaid's Pearls SlotsRealtime Gaming’s take of a mermaid’s life is colorful, extremely detailed and gorgeously animated. The borders of the reels are made up of streams of bubbles as a golden shine passes through them. Every kind of sea life is visible on the foreground of the landscape as the endless depths of the ocean are stretched out behind but its not an atmosphere of unknown darkness – it is one of endless tranquility. The gameplay involves 5 reels and 5 rows, offering players a total of 3125 ways of getting paid. The total bet can vary from 20 cents to 5 dollars.

The paytable of Mermaid's Pearls features 8 symbols – 4 of which are breath-taking beautiful mermaids and the other 4 are just various types of colorful, exotically shaped whelks. The most beautiful and highest-paying mermaid offers 50, 100 and 200 credits. The lowest-paid golden whelk pays 1, 2 and 5 credits for the same 3 combinations – 3, 4 and 5 matching symbols. Surprisingly, this game doesn’t have a wild or a scatter. It just has a special Pearl symbol.

The special Pearl Meter feature depends on that symbol and it can award big prizes – payouts and free spins alike. The Shipwreck bonus feature will be activated when the meter reaches 300 and the Treasure Pearl Feature will start once the meter gets to 600. During it, 10 free spins will be awarded. During this game, the reels will be occupied only by blanks and Pearls. The Pearl payouts will be randomly multiplied by values between 1 and 5.

Mermaid’s Quest Slots: Claim Deep See Prizes from WGS

Mermaid's Quest SlotsWager Gaming Technology offers its members an exciting, character-filled journey to the depths of the ocean through Mermaid's Quest Slots. The game’s background depicts the brilliant, shiny and yet mysterious underwater world but the most visually striking element of the game is the symbols themselves – mermaids, Kings, dolphins, clownfish, seahorses – they all have a distinctly human face on. The set-up of Mermaid’s Quest includes 5 reels, 3 rows and 9 paylines. The bet that can be placed per a single payline varies from 1 cent up to 10 dollars. That makes the maximum possible bet 90 dollars.

The paytable of Mermaid’s Quest consists of 11 paying symbols. 6 of them have 4 winning combinations from 2 to 5 matching symbols, while the other 5 – 3 combinations from 3 to 5 symbols. The highest-paying symbol is the Treasure Chest wild – 10, 500, 2000 and 10 000 credits, while the lowest-paying one is the Crab, offering 5, 15 and 50 credits.

The game’s scatter symbol awards multipliers increasing the total bet through its combinations – 1, 10, 100 and 1000 times for 2, 3, 4 and 5 symbols respectively. The wild can replace the other symbols in the game, the scatter is capable of activating the free spins feature of the game and there is also a bonus Mermaid symbol that can start the main bonus round.

Mermaid’s Pearl Slots: A Classic Slot by Betsoft

Mermaid's Pearl Slots Betsoft’s able to produce great 3-reel games, not just stunning, original 5-reel games and Mermaid's Pearl proves that. The background imagery doesn’t show the inside of an ocean. In fact, all we get to see is the endless stretch of the blue ocean, surrounding a lonely island in the distance. The mermaid herself is just resting on a rock. The gameplay set up includes 5 paylines and coin sizes that can range from 2 cents to 1 dollar. The number of chosen paylines can be adjusted by the player.

The game’s paytable is made up of just 7 symbols, one of which is a wild. The winning combinations are all triple symbol ones. There is a single, double, triple BAR symbol, a palm trees, a starfish, a clownfish and a shell with a pearl inside. The least rewarding combination involves a clownfish, a starfish and the palm trees symbol, offering 3 credits. The triple sea shell combination pays 1000 credits. The sea shell with the pearl inside is the wild, meaning that it can replace the rest of the symbols in the game in order to create new winning combinations and bring more payouts.

Mermaid’s Serenade Slots: Saucify’s Gorgeously Animated Sea Bed Slot

Mermaid Serenade SlotsThe bottom of the ocean has never been lighter and more smoothly animated than in Mermaid’s Serenade. The background imagery dominates the main screen despite the presence of both the reels and the paytable. Ancient columns are embedded at the bottom of the ocean, the reel borders are long sea-weed that float calmly. The pleasant bright blue shade of the water as well as the beach-like brown of the floor in combination with the adventurous, unearthly soundtrack shape a unique, harmonic atmosphere.

The game doesn’t quite have a classic set-up despite the presence of 3 reels. Additionally, there are 3 rows and 5 paylines, the number of which can be adjusted by clicking the respective number on the buttons to the right of the reels. Up to 5 coins can be bet and the values of the paytable combinations will change accordingly.

Mermaid’s Serenade has a paytable of 5 symbols, which are the 3 BAR symbols – the single, double and triple ones, the opened sea shell with the triple pearls inside and the highest-paying symbol – the Mermaid. When all 5 coins are bet, 2 shells with an additional symbol award 15 credits, a double and a triple bar symbol with another symbol grant 50 credits, the triple sea shell combination delivers 100 credits, the triple double BAR symbol 200 credits and 3 of the triple BAR symbols provide players with 400 credits.

The triple Mermaid combination’s prizes for 1 bet coin are bigger than the rest of the combinations’ even with the maximum bet in place. The prize for three Mermaids with 1 coin is 1000 credits, with 2 coins is 1500 credits, with 3 coins is 2500 credits, with 4 coins is 3500 credits and with 5 coins is the game’s top prize of 10 000 credits.

Mermaid Millions Slots

Mermaids Millions SlotsMermaid Millions with a 5-reel, 15 pay line online slot machine is really a must not missed trivia in the online casino world! With unlimited amazing features like scatter, wild and free spin symbols, you are in for the most brilliant ride of all. With a bonus featured game that is just similar to the concept of treasure hunt, Mystical Mermaid Million is awarded perfectly with imaginary graphics, sound and exciting game play.

The theme is pretty obvious which the world of Mermaids underwater is. Featured symbols in this game are beautiful classical pearls, hidden treasure chests, Royal Highness, King Neptune, beautiful mermaids and adorable sea horses. The maximum jackpot of 37,500 coins is yours once the right symbols had been achieved perfectly during the free spin. From the free spins if you win, your winnings will be tripled in total!

What about the bonus feature? The feature is just a simple random yet exciting game with treasure chests with extra coins ranging from 26 to 2500. All Slots Casino brought Mermaid Millions to life with the Microgaming stable software and if Mystical Mermaid Slots is what you are looking for, feel free to play Mermaid Millions right now. Please note that US players can not register at Betway Casino.

Choose your Mystical Mermaid Slot Machine

Three different casinos with three almost similar games with different names but with the same theme: Mermaid’s World. However it is this game is still as interesting to get your hands on! After all, what is there to lose? Try any of those games and you'll feel the wonderful world of the Mystical Mermaid Slots.

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