Hidden Riches Slots

If you have ever wanted to be Indiana Jones this game is for you. The only thing that is missing is the giant boulder dropping from the ceiling and chasing after you. This is a great adventure game with extreme graphics and even better payouts. Not only will you get the thrill of the treasure hunt from your PC, but you will also get the added riches from a long day of treasure hunting. All of this can be found from the comfort of your internet connection. Why battle a room full of deadly snakes, poison tipped darts, bone crushing boulders, or thieving Nazis when you can get even more money with Hidden Riches slot machines. You can find Mayan treasures and feel the thrill of the hunt without the dysentery or malaria. So strap on your olive drab fedora and rake in the moola with this awesome progressive slot from RTG powered online casinos.

Map to the Riches

This is a five reel slot that can play up to 25 lines. It has wilds, scatters, and free spins and pays out for several different combinations. There are some strategies to the game though. Many people are of the mind that if you put less in you have a lower risk. This may be true, but it is also true that you will win less. You may want to use the max bet with a smaller coin so that you can maximize your winnings. You want to have as much of the screen covered with your lines as you can get. This way, you are sure to win on at least one line and can even get several lines to pay out in one spin. One other benefit to using the max bet is that you will often extend your play time. Players that use the max bet are able to last longer at the machines, increasing the odds of a jackpot. By utilizing your max bet, you increase your chances at the jackpot, which is the goal to all casino games.

What to Hunt for

There are several different symbols to be on the lookout for. This game offers several different symbols that will give multipliers, wild, scatters, and bonuses. The normal symbols are a temple, a lady, a diamond, an idol, a snake, a compass, jewelry, a vase, a map, and a knife. Matching any of these will get you a nice win but the real treasure lies in the other symbols. This game also includes an adventurer as the wild and a tablet as a scatter. If you get two or more adventurers, you will be rewarded with five free spins where the winnings are tripled. They also act as a wild and will replace any symbol except the tablet. The tablet is the real bonus though, and if you get enough of them, you will soon be transported to the bonus game, where the money will really poor in.

Bonus Full of Treasure

Three or more tablet symbols means that you get the bonus game. This game is a circle of five different symbols. It is similar to a wheel of fortune style game. A light will travel around the circle and where it stops is the winning piece. If the same symbol wins three times during the bonus game, you win. If not, you will be given your winnings and go back to the regular game. If you get three of the same symbols during the bonus game, you will get up to 2,000 times your original bet. This bonus game can really get you some true treasures in your quest for the riches.