Forest of Wonders Slots

Forest of Wonders Slots
Such an enchanting story, Alice in Wonderland has made it this far and has become the theme for a feature video slot developed by one of the major gaming software developers in this day and age. Mixed with the fantastical enchanted wood and mythical creatures, this wonderful dreamland has free spins, a bonus round as well as the chance at two jackpots at the same time. Seen through the eyes of Alice it is no wonder she is not on the reels, she it at the helm.

The graphics are right out of wonderland and the animations are so appropriately wacky with mushrooms expanding and the white rabbit rushing off the reels even as he lands. Watch as the caterpillar blows smoke and the grinning Cheshire cat who disappears leaving behind his wide smile. And what is the mad hatter without his hat! The cards all have heads, arms and legs which is amusing at the very least. The background sounds are just what you would expect from a midnight forest adventure, listen to the forest animals shriek in delight with each win and listen carefully as the wind picks up.

While this game can pay up to half a million when you just happen to line up the correct combination, there is a also a side game attached for those looking to hit a progressive jackpot and play a wacky interactive video slot at the same time.

Down which rabbit hole is that cash stashed?

Making your way in the forest starts with adjusting to the dark. You have 25 paylines and each leads to treasure. Make sure that all 25 lines are made active by placing at least 1 coin down on each of them. For budget players keep the value of the coin at the default of 1c and you can spin for as little as 20c a shot. Big bets have a big advantage and big disadvantage. If you have less to risk, play it cool. Besides, the longer your cash lasts the better chance you have of getting free spins or one of the bonus rounds.

If 25c a spin is not quite your style this slot will not disappoint. You can adjust the coin size up to $5 and add as many as coins per line. Betting max the max of $1,250 is not a must, it is an option and all the bet sizes in-between makes for a great range for any player.

By looking at the paytable you can see that the big cash is in the top payout which always consists of the rarest symbols. Hunting down the jackpot may be easier when you let the free spins and bonus rounds finance it.

All the forest creatures are gathering for the midnight tea party

Forest of Wonders is full of wonderful things that will keep you guessing at each click. Remember the mushrooms from the story? They made the characters in the story grow or shrink and in this game they are the bonus symbols and when you hit three on the same payline that is exactly what they do, they get bigger and smaller and off to the bonus round with you!

The white rabbit is just too late to figure out which payline he is supposed to be on so he just hands out rewards no matter where he lands as long as you get three on the screen. As the scatter he is the trigger for some delectable free spins as well as paying out a handful of scattered wins. To find out how many spins you have won just click on one of the fluffy bunnies and you will get either 5, 10 or 15 complementary games.

The wild symbol is the mouse and as small as he is he pays the largest win of 5,000 coins. Only a creature with the heart of a lion can possibly stand in for all those other symbols as he helps to create and improve winning combinations.

Interaction satisfaction

Three mushrooms on the same payline take you to a clearing in the forest lit by the full moon. You can select three out of the twelve toadstools. Once you are done and your prize is revealed the truth of the matter is that you may not be entirely happy with the outcome. The entire game is reset and you are given another chance to choose three mushrooms with the hopes of a better outcome. There are no guarantees that there will be a better win but you have four chances to change the outcome if you wish. An innovative and ingenious way to show players that bonus rounds are fair!

In addition to this the Dollar Ball Progressive can also be enabled, and for just an additional dollar you can play for a growing pot that blows on average every couple of weeks. Each new spin activates a new dollar ball draw. As each of the reels slots into place so does one of the 5 balls for the new draw also fall into place. Once the reels have settled the dollar balls are compared to the original 5 numbers you chose. If you have 5 matching numbers you win the pot and while four numbers gives you 1% of the pot which can be as much as $6,000, you never walk away empty handed.

What wonders await

This slot will make you laugh, it will amuse you and sometimes it will just downright amaze you. A lot of effort has gone into making this an entertaining slot by far and well worth every spin. Download the software and get playing today. With a chance at two jackpots who can say no!