Farmer's Market Slots

The fruits and vegetables from the green and fertile lands never looked so good and it would seem that they have made sure of it too. The eye lashes on the wild strawberry are to die for, the watermelon is wearing designer sunglasses and the rest of the fruits and vegetables have an air of glazed over contentment about them. They know that at the farmers market they are fine pickings indeed.

The expressions on the faces of these usually inanimate objects are priceless, each one with their own unique character. The bright colors are attractive and the game itself is engaging with plenty of surprises under their peels.

Play to win the top awards for the finest produce

There are many paths to the farmers market, 20 to be exact. Playing each of these 20 paylines is like giving yourself 20 shots at the jackpot on every spin. Not betting on any one line is foolish indeed, any pickings from inactive lines will rot for sure. Taking all 20 paths need not be a costly journey since it can be done with just one coin per line at a total cost per spin of just 20c when the coin size sits at just 1c. Slow and steady is often a good strategy. You can put a foot on it by adding as many as 10 coins to each of the lines. This means that any coins won from the combinations will be multiplied by the amount of coins bet on each line.

The total bet is really determined by the value of the coin. You can slide it up from 1c to $5. Shooting all of these indicators right to the top of their scales will place you the maximum possible wager of $1,000. This fun and playful slot will suit one and all with the wide range of betting options available.

The proof of the veggies is in the soil

Watch out for the cool watermelon, shades on, sipping on his ice cold drink, this juicy fruit is your scatter symbol. A rebel on the reels the scatter pays without having to fall on the same line to pay. Scatter wins are paid as multiplications of your bet. Three scatters will triple your bet and 5 cool watermelons on the screen in one spin can multiply your bet by 100 times. Even a small bet of $20 will deliver a blue ribbon prize of $2,000. The grapes accompanying a glass of deep red wine can only be found on the first and last reels. When they appear on both of these reels at the same time the bonus round is unlocked.

The wild strawberry is the substitution symbol and slots in for other symbols on the reels to create more wins. Also, this rare fruit is a delight when found in fives on any given payline paying the jackpot of 5,000 coins, this can equate as much as $250,000 also watch out for the cheeky banana, the chilled out aubergine, the pepper, onions and blushing tomato.

Do the quality control test and come out tops

It is off to the farmers market to sell these delicious fruits of the earth. They have been neatly packed into wooden crates for you. Before they go you need to do the quality check. As it turns out only one crate contains rotten fruits and this needs to be avoided at all costs. Open each of the crates one by one, making sure that all is good will reveal sweet rewards of free spins and multipliers. If you find the crate full of magic fruit before the rotten fruits end your game play, three more crates containing un-spoilt fruit will automatically open for you. The bad fruit does end the bonus round but not without a consolation free spin. Each box of produce has a free spins amount and free spins multiplier. At the end of the game the free spins and multipliers are added up and your grand total is announced. From here it is off to play some free games where the reel prizes begin!

Quality and freshness is where it is at

Whether its money or fun you are looking for you are bound to get a very hefty dose of both! Download this easy to use software and take a spin past the farmers market where the fruits are fresh and the pickings are tops.