Western Union

There are more than 200 casinos worldwide that welcome and encourage the use of Western Union as an online payment option. Western Union is decades old and is one of the most reliable convenient, secure and fast online payment methods that there is today. You can use Western Union in a number of ways that include buying vouchers at one of the thousands of outlets around the world, over the phone, buying prepaid gift cards, or regular prepaid cards. The way that Western Union works is that you are doing a person to person transfer and when it comes to casinos all that you have to do is click on the Western Union symbol at the casino of your choice to start the payment process.

Look out for Western Union Logo

When you are in the online banking section of the casino of your choice you can click on the Western Union symbol to start the payment process. You are then taken to a new web page where you can either buy vouchers online to be transferred to your Western Union account and then directly to the casino or you can enter the person to person voucher that you received when you opened a Western Union account in person. There are hundreds of casinos around the world that accept and welcome Western Union as one of their online payment options making it a very popular and easy system to use. Western Union is totally secure and each transaction is tracked and accounted for, in addition when you are placing bets at an online casino there is no need to divulge any of your own personal information as all you are using is your Western Union account. Many of the casinos that offer Western Union as a secure online payment option are also casinos that accept and welcome players from the US.

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