Wire transfer

Sometimes players feel most comfortable with their own bank and money wire services. That’s understandable. You may not want any financial intermediaries, particularly online ones, getting between you, your money and the casino. If that is the case, many casinos will allow you to deposit funds directly into your casino account and withdraw directly to your bank account using wire transfers. In many ways this can be an excellent way to get money to and from the casino quickly. Depending on the country the customer is sending or receiving money from via Wire Transfer, it can take between a day and a week for the receiver to be able to collect the funds. This method is particularly safe and is a good option for transferring large amounts of money.

Pros and Cons of the Wire Transfer

As mentioned above, the wire transfer is considered a highly reliable method to get money to and from your casino account. Certainly some solid pros are that it is one of the safest and securest methods to transfer money and that it is potentially very quick. Another pro is that US players have complete access to this method and are not at the mercy of some of the limiting banking methods that prohibit US players from using them. A very noteworthy con, however, is that there are frequently associated fees with this method, sometimes at both ends (i.e. the bank and the casino).

Online Casinos offer Money Wire Transfer

While some casinos do charge a fee for this service, other casinos actually give bonuses for using their money wire transfer service.