Webmoney is not a new online payment method; in fact it has been around since 1998 and is considered to be one of the most established on the online payment methods together with being one of the most secure. Webmoney is a safe online transaction option for many casinos and their players that happens in real time with no waiting around for checks to clear and wire transfers to come through.

Easy to Register, Easy to Use, Easy to Benefit From

Opening a Webmoney account is very simple and all that you have to do is downloading and accept the WBKeeper application to your computer. Once this has downloaded successfully you can then apply for a Webmoney id where you will be asked to complete an online registration and verification process to receive your Webmoney Id. Once you have been approved you are awarded with a Webmoney passport and this is basically your account that you can add to at any time. Filling your account can be done in a number of ways, using standard bank transfers, cash or even credit cards to deposit money. Your Webmoney account cannot be used unless there is money in it, i.e. it acts like a third party debit account.

International Service with International Currencies

With over 4 million users worldwide,Webmoney offers its services in a number of currencies which can then be kept in the purse of your account. When playing at different online casinos, Webmoney has the technology to convert the money in your purse to the correct currency that you need. All of the payments and transactions are password protected which means that not only are your transactions safe and secure but also there is no chance of fraud and of course you can play instantly at the casino of your choice.

Special Offers at Special Casinos

Many casinos support and encourage the use of Webmoney systems since it is totally reliable and of course well established. In fact if you choose to play at Golden Palace Casino which offers over 100 different online games and plenty of action, take advantage of the special offer that Webmoney and the casino have put together. If you deposit your money with Webmoney at Golden Palace casino not only do you receive the $5150 sign up bonus over a number of deposits but you also are eligible to receive an extra 15% bonus on all deposits made. Extras like this together with the reliability and established reputation that Webmoney has make it a definite choice for online payment transactions and online casinos today.