MST Gift Card Casinos

Purchasing online has long since demystified with an entire world of possibilities available online. These days you can buy anything from car parts right to casino credits. Initially the only option was credit cards, but the fraudsters caught onto that one ruining it for everyone and resulting in a sharp increase in all kinds of financial service providers offering virtual accounts and added security specifically for purchasing online, harnessing this incredible buying power that had the potential to take off. As fantastic as all these new options were it had complicated things somewhat. Adding reams and reams of options for all the possible accounts meant frustration for the purchaser and lost business for the merchant.

Keep it simple

Going back to basics makes so much more sense but now with added security, almost infallible actually! The major credit card providers that were typically catered for on all sites, Visa, MasterCard and American Express have come up with a brand new way to make online purchasing ultra easy and ultra safe. In a culture of disposable and prepaid how can we go wrong!

Combining the old with the new

An MST Gift Card is just that, it is disposable and prepaid. And what’s more it does not only exist in the virtual world, it is also a tangible card that can be used in real as well as online purchasing. It can be topped up and used continuously or thrown away for the more suspicious. Originally designed as a way to give money as a gift without the risk of cash, these cards are accepted as readily as is cash, carrying with them the stamps of approval from the three main credit card processors. Each card has a unique number on the front and can be swiped as with any credit card.

These cards can be bought and topped up with just about anything including credit cards so using your credit card has become super safe and convenient. Plugging in your details into an online site has put you in an ‘everything to gain and nothing to lose’ situation.

Casinos have started using these as a major substitution for credit cards in that on the side of the casino they act just like a credit card. Funds are received immediately and the approval rate is high since there are either funds available or not. And for you the player there is no risk, simply fund the card with your purchase amount, add your gift card details as you would with any other credit card and make the transfer! Done!

‘Please try again later’

Gone are the days of rejected purchases and frustrated players just looking for a great way to spend a lazy afternoon. Gone too is the tedious process of checking bank statements and unrecognizable descriptions. Returning to a simpler way of purchasing has meant that the casinos are able to reward players using MST Gift Cards and to encourage their use so many of them are offering bonuses, some as much as an additional 25% on top of your purchase to play with. Your bank roll never looked this good!!

Play the way you want to

The culture of gambling online in the USA can now continue to grow with this approach to purchasing real credits with real money. Sun Palace is the casino pioneering this option. So roll on in, grab an MST Gift Card and get playing.