Despite the fact that all reputable online casinos encrypt their banking pages with high-tech security measures, many depositors experience a great deal of concern about the process. The Jumio service sets out to prevent fraudulent transactions and act as a virtual “bouncer” to stop would-be thieves from using your credit card or payment service to play at online casinos on your dime. Jumio can also act as a credit card scanner, which requires the user to have the physical card instead of just a card number, security code, and expiration date.

Technology to Protect Consumers and Merchants

Whether your role in online or mobile transactions is that of the merchant or the consumer, Jumio strives to protect you. Credit card companies often find themselves on the hook for fraudulent charges, while merchants may lose revenue from such transactions. Consumers who aren’t protected by a policy from their card company can get hit with high bills when someone uses their card without permission, and such transactions can quickly impact an individual’s credit rating.

Jumio is a service that ferrets out suspicious transactions and rejects them until the user has provided appropriate identification. The service could negatively impact revenue by rejecting too many transactions, but the technology only requires additional identification if a transaction appears to be somehow fraudulent.

How Jumio Works

When further clarification is needed to ensure that a card user is indeed who they say there, Jumio uses a webcam-driven authentication process. The service can also scan the actual card being used for a transaction, which means that users can simply present their credit card for purchases or casino deposits. In addition to reducing the number of fraudulent transactions, Jumio can save users time by simply scanning their card; this process takes less than five seconds, while inputting card data can take much longer, particularly for users who are prone to typing errors.

Mobile or Desktop Availability

Users who have the opportunity to present their card to Jumio can do so with any computer that’s connected to the internet and includes a web cam. Mobile users can also turn their smartphones and tablets into convenient credit card readers by simply installing an easy-to-use application. Mobile apps are available for both iOS and Android, which has expanded the company’s reach to a greater number of users. Whether you wish to shop or deposit at your favorite online casino, Jumio can make the process faster, safer, and easier than ever before.

Security and Convenience in One Place

Jumio creates a high level of security for both consumers and merchants, and it does so in a way that makes online payments much faster and more convenient. Savvy shoppers are now choosing to buy or deposit on sites that use Jumio’s Netswipe or Netverify services. When you’re ready to start depositing at an online casino, consider playing at one that will ensure your financial security through the use of one or both of these excellent services.