Prepaid Gift Card Casinos

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August 2012 Update: Prepaid Gift Card is no more an option.

All casinos that used to have Prepaid Gift Card, including listed below are closed now. Other online casinos use variety of depositing methods, but none of them adopted Prepaid Gift Card option.

For the best banking solutions check out the following casinos:

Prepaid Gift Card Casinos review

If you are a regular player at leading online casinos such as Crazy Slots Casino or Go Casino then you might just receive an offer from them in the very near future to make use of the prepaid gift cards that they offer. These prepaid gift cards are not regular credit cards or casino banking options by any means; they are part of an exclusive club that you have to be invited to, in order to join.

Unique and Exclusive Membership

The prepaid gift card is a credit card that is offered primarily by casinos that use Vegas Tech software. It is a unique and exclusive card for players that are regular visitors to the casino and place bets on a regular basis, not just playing for fun. The prepaid gift card works like a regular debit card but has a few extra qualities that make it a very special card. First of all in order to have a prepaid gift card you cannot just request one, you have to be invited and offered to benefit from this opportunity. I f you are a regular player at a casino that uses Vegas Tech software like Online Vegas Casino or Crazy Slots Casino and you want to investigate whether you can have the use of the prepaid gift card then you can always contact the casino and ask but other than that you have to wait for the casino to contact you and offer you the use of the card.

Respected Players Receive Respected Gift Card at Respected Casinos

If you are invited to make use of a prepaid gift card from one of the casinos that you are playing at such as Go Casino then you know you are thought of highly in terms of the casino, the value of your bets and the games that you play. The prepaid gift card is a private debit card which you can fill by using your personal credit card, sending a bank transfer or even via the Western Union. It can only be used at online casinos at the moment but you do receive interest if you leave more than $500 in over time which is a first for any online banking option. The prepaid gift card offers a high limit payout, and it is fast, you receive a private customer service and at any time can receive an up to the minute account of all of your transactions. One of the best things about the prepaid gift card is that you can also withdraw any excess money or your winnings via ATMS all over the world and of course in the US.

Perfect for Casinos and Perfect for Players

The casinos that offer the prepaid gift card do so because they are impressed with you as a player and as a person, not only do they look at your bank balance and betting history but they are also looking for integrity in a person to know that they offering this special card to the right players. Not all of the Vegas Tech casinos offer the prepaid gift card but there are a high number that do and more and more are joining in each day. This prepaid gift card is perfect for regular casino players and also perfect for the casinos. You can log into your casino, whether it is Grand Vegas Casino or Online Vegas Casino or another and aim for the top when you aim for the Prepaid Gift Card.