MyPalinQ is a terrific new funds management service available to players at many online casinos with which they may safely manage their online gambling funds while adding another layer of security beyond that which is offered by the casino.

What Does MyPalinQ Do?

My PalinQ is an online payment gateway that allows players to both send and to receive funds from anywhere. Registered in Panama, they offer e-wallet services, money transfer services, electronic payments processing (EPP) and they will even provide debit cards and "virtual credit cards" for funds held with them.

How to Fund MyPaylinQ

My PaylinQ is extremely adaptable when it comes to funding options. Players can fund their account via major credit cards, MyPalinQ accepts all of them, bank debit cards or pre-paid "gift" cards, personal checking accounts, MoneyGrams or Western Union. From residents of the UK and Europe, they also accept UKash vouchers.

US Friendly

Unlike many e-wallet services, MyPalinQ is a completely US friendly alternative. This gives players in the United States another option for safe and secure online money management when dealing with casinos or any other Internet retail establishment.

How to use MyPalinQ

The best question is how not to use it! MyPalinQ offers online financial options that will allow users to fund any online casino. Even if the casino does not accept MyPalinQ's e-wallet service, they can use a debit card or a money transfer. For example, Bovada Casino and Silver Oak Casino both accept major credit cards, so players may use either the debit card option or, one of the most secure means of funding, a virtual credit card.

Virtual credit cards are credit card numbers that are generated for single purchases. The user funds the credit card account for the amount that he or she wants to spend, and then gives the number to the company. Once the purchase is made, the credit card number is retired, and no more authorizations can be made on it. This is a particularly good way to deal with offshore companies that customers may be uncertain of. If the number falls into the wrong hands after the purchase is made, it does not matter because the number is defunct. If it gets into the wrong hands before the purchase is completed, the only funds at risk are those already assigned to the account.

Give MyPalinQ a Try Today

MyPalinQ offers players a complete online banking service, specializing in offshore transactions. We have used other e-wallet services, but none with such a wide variety of options for handling transactions. They offer fast and friendly customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days per week via online chat or email, so help is always available. Setting the account up is free, and, once funded, you will be have a sense of freedom and security when performing Internet transactions as never before. Give MyPalinQ a try!