An eCheck is an electronic check, it works just like a regular paper check the only difference is that you don’t have to physically write the check or make sure that it is deposited this can all be done virtually through the computer or website that you are using. Today, more and more online casinos and players from the US are using eCheck as their preferred online payment option as it is easy to use, convenient, low cost and totally safe.

eCheck US-friendly Casinos

Just Like a Regular Check

The eCheck payment system works just like a regular check, when you decided that you want to pay a check into an account all that you have to do is click on the eCheck option in your casino account and then you have to enter the electronic check routing number, account number and check number, the money is then instantly transferred from your bank account directly to your casino account. There is no third party in the middle hence the low costs of using eCheck and every transaction is totally safe and secure. It is as simple as that and it takes the place of credit card payments for many US players who prefer not to use their credit cards and in a number of online casinos are not allowed to use credit cards.

Popular Payment Option for US Players

Casinos that accept US players are often looking for and providing alternative ways to transfer money as many US credit cards are not accepted at online casinos because of online gambling restrictive laws. By using an eCheck at casinos that accept US players such as Aladdin’s Gold where you receive a 200% sign up bonus offer unlimited for 7 days or Lucky Red Casino where you receive a 400% sign up bonus offer up to $400 when you join, you are bypassing all of the restrictions that banks and casinos enforce. The eCheck is simple and easy to use it is not expensive and offers a secure tracking option where you can always check the status of your checks and see where they have gone to. Today everyone is looking to reduce the amount of paper that we use simply because there are not enough trees in the world to cover all of the needs of the population. By using eCheck for your online casino play you are not only helping yourself by giving yourself a more convenience banking option that is fast, secure and efficient but you are also helping the environment by not using unnecessary paper.