Quarter Slots

Question: How much entertainment can be had for 25¢? Movies have cost a lot more than a quarter for eighty years, and even comic books cost at least ten times that. And most of us, whose interest is in online gaming, are a little bit past the comic book state.

A 25¢ bet on a slot game, however, buys some serious excitement and fun game-play.

Quarter Slots vs. Penny Slots

There are a lot of great things about penny slots. First of all, when you are nearly broke, you can get loads of play time out of $5 on the penny slot game. The risk is truly minimal, so the reward is also minimal. And, after hours, or perhaps days, of play, you finally hit the 10,000 coin jackpot and it is worth a whopping $100!

Quarter Slot games, on the other hand, are a different story. The risk is higher, but so is the reward, and that 10,000 coin jackpot is worth $2500.

The big problem is that when you hit the big pot on the penny slots, you realize in that moment that you should have been playing the quarters!

On the flip-side of that argument is that the quarter games are really quite modest of a risk for what are arguably the best and most fun games in the casino. The rates of return in online casinos are such that each quarter is actually worth a number of spins because the casinos want you to keep playing. So even if superficially the quarter games seem too rich for your blood, bear in mind that they are not as pricey as they may seem. Quarter slot games are the best balance between moderate risk and high-dollar action: They offer a safe venue where the excitement and potential for big winnings are still a possibility.

Some Facts About Quarter Slots

  • Contrary to popular misconception, slot games are not programmed to cycle through a pre-established number of spins and then pay out. They are programmed to pay out a fixed percentage, but when they pay out is totally random, so it is completely possible, though highly unlikely, that a slot game will hit two big jackpots back to back.
  • Slot games do not "tighten up" after a jackpot is hit. This is a misconception that is more rampant around brick-and-mortar casinos than it is in online facilities, but the truth is, again, that every spin is completely random. The old ladies who eye the machine that has been played for a couple of hours in hopes that it is prime to pay out, really have no understanding of how the machines work. That machine has the exact same odds of paying out on the next spin as the machine that just hit the jackpot.
  • Many games do reward players for playing multiple coins by way of offering better odds of a winning combination with more paylines in action.

Play Some Quarter Slots for Real Money Tonight!

Fantastic quarter slot games are available at every top casino, including many of our favorites: Lincoln Casino, Slots.LV Casino and Bovada to name a few. The variety of 25¢ games is limitless. Try Mermaid Magic Slots, Hillbilly Slots or Reel Deal Slots or any number of the hundreds of quarter slot games to be found on the Internet.

As with any casino game, the main reason to play quarter slot games is for fun. Set yourself a limit for your evening's entertainment and, whether that limit is $50 or $500, be true to it. Then with that in place, go play like there is no tomorrow! Though there is the possibility of making the big money off of a single spin, playing slots is not a retirement plan. What it is, is a great way to have hours of exciting fun - so go spin the reels for some real money tonight!