Online Casino Slots Differences

Not all slot machines are the same, just like in life there are differences that need to be understood before a player decides to spend their hard earned money. If you are a first time slots player then it best to know and understand slots and how to play them. Certainly you need to understand the differences between the different types of machines.

Whether you are in a land based casino or online, it's always a good idea to read all the rules and regulations, the instructions on how to play, and any tips and strategies. That way you will go into a casino well prepared. To understand some of the differences between slots machines, here are some basics:


A multiplier slot machine is one that offers a good chance of a return on your coin placed. The principle is that if you play one coin and it hits three in a line, for instance, three oranges, it will pay 10 coins, increase the number of coins to two and you will be paid 20 coins, play three coins and the payout increases to 30 coins. It is not necessary to play maximum bet to be a winner, your chances of winning on a single coin is as good as three coins, just that three coins gives you a higher return on a win.

Bonus Multiplier

A Bonus Multiplier slot machine works on a similar principle as the multiplier slot except that when you hit a winner on a maximum bet, then an extra bonus will be added to your account. You need to weigh up whether it is worth working for that extra bonus.

Multiple Payline

The Multiple Payliine slot machine offers the choice of being able to play on more than one playline, these paylines can vary from a single line straight across, or a line running from the bottom left hand corner of the screen up three symbols the two lines above and or down, or from one middle symbol, up one level, three across and down one level for the last one. These give a player multiple opportunities to hit a winning combination. The video slot machines offer many more paylines than ordinary reels machines, the various combinations can be from 9 to as many as 100 different results.


The Buy-a-Pay slot machines offer more complicated options and are often confusing to a new gamer and some experienced games as well. If you bet one coin then you will only win on one symbol, such as cherries, (it depends on the machine), if you bet 2 coins then you will win on the cherries and another symbol such as bars. Three coins, offers the best option for winning as you can win on three symbols and hit the jackpot. The clincher is if you bet one coin and the winning combination hits the jackpot you will only be paid for the first symbols, e.g. the cherries. You will not win the jackpot as that only pays out on max coins. This can be very disappointing, so if you play on Buy-a-pay machine then be prepared to play maximum bet.

Progressive Slots

The Progressive Slot machines offer three different versions of progressive jackpots.

  • The stand alone progressive this one is not linked to other machines and the jackpot progresses only on that machine
  • The In-House progressive slot machines are a group of machines linked together in a casino, with several players vying for the jackpot.
  • The Wide Area Progressive slot machines are linked together with other casinos, with a larger percentage of players working for the jackpot. The jackpot payout would be a life changing amount and also more difficult to achieve.

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