Hillbillies Slots

"There's gold in them there hills!" Let Billy Jo, Billy Bubba and Billy Bob, - the happy Hillbillies gang - help you get that gold from those hills to your pockets! Hillbillies slots, another product from the prolific Real Time Gambling (RTG) gaming company, is a slot machine game with five reels that promises sound-filled, colorful and profitable fun. There are several good online casinos that offer this RTG slot, but two of them that come highly recommended are: Casino Titan and Silver Oak Casino.

A Group of Happy Hicks

The special symbols in this game are those of the Hillbilly family. Get Billy Jo, Billy Bubba or Billy Bob on a winning spin and they'll immediately multiply your winnings. But the clincher is when you get the entire family on a winning spin; you don't just get the gold, you get the hills in the bargain with as large as 20 times the regular prize!

Like most slot machine games powered by RTG, the theme for Hillbilly slots is very strong and visible all throughout. Although the nines, tens and other symbols that presumably represent high values in a deck of cards, the other symbols have a strong connection with the stereotype of what a hillbilly family should look like. The pig in the bathtub, the bottle of moonshine and the hillbilly house all stand by the fun, laid back image of the Hillbillies. Download and play Hillbillies Slots and get exciting prizes of up to $40,000 with the help of Billy Bob, Billy Bubba and Billy Jo.

Gold in the Hills

Billy Jo, Billy Bubba and Billy Bob don't just stop with the multipliers. Each of them is a substitute and a scatter symbol as well, so winning's so much easier with the entire family around. Get any two members of the Hillbilly family on a spin and you also win eight free spins for yourself. During those free spins, there's a multiplier on all spins, meaning more chances and more prizes for you!

The Hillbilly slot machine game has 20 pay lines and you can bet up to 20 coins for every spin. Your bet can be as low as 1 cent or as high as $100 for any spin. You determine just how much you stand to win. You can also win 2 times, 5 times or even 10 times your bet when you activate the special bonuses with the Hillbillies.

But there's another jackpot for you too. Aside from the regular jackpot that depends on the symbols you get with the reels, there's a progressive jackpot that you can get by random. The more you play, the more chances you have of winning that increasing, progressive whopper of a jackpot.