Casino Wagering

Many people are attracted to casinos just because of the generous welcome bonuses that they seem to offer in addition to ongoing promotions and tournaments. In most cases these are great bonuses and not to be missed but when you do look at a bonus it is important to also check what the wagering requirements are for the casino in order for you to benefit properly from the bonus offered.

There is More to the Bonus Offer than You First Realize

Many online casinos delight and entice you with their seemingly generous bonus offers which welcome you to the casino. These are more often than not in the form of percentage sign up bonus offers such as Lincoln Casino that offers you 100% match up bonus up to $5000 on your first 5 deposits. This looks great, but in the very small print you will also find the requirements for this sign up bonus offer. What you have to do is in fact play through at least 20x of the deposit bonus in order to be able to claim this as your own. So if you deposit $50, you receive another $50 but in addition in order to claim any winnings for your own you have to play through an addition $100 x20 =$2000. Of course for many players this is small money and therefore they are happy to take the sign up bonus and also believe that after playing a few games they will definitely be able to withdraw their winnings as they would have made over and above the wagering requirements for the sign up bonus.

Always Read the Small Print of the Wagering Requirements

Depending on which online casino you choose to play at, you can find the wagering requirements usually in the small print of the promotions section. In some casinos these appear in the terms and conditions of the casino together with other requirements that help you enjoy the bonus offers. At Bovada Casino you can find the wagering requirements in the promotions section. If a player decides that he does not want to take the bonus as he does not believe with his limited bankroll that he will reach the wagering requirements in order to claim his winnings, he must inactivate them through the casino. You can decline the sign up bonus offers by contacting the customer service of the casino which should be available around the clock day and night.

Alternative Ways to Giving Bonuses

There are some casinos which do not offer bonuses with a wagering requirement. Instead they give each new player free chips to play any of the games of their choice. But, in order to withdraw winnings they have to have at high sum in winnings. There are no wagering requirements but on the other hand you do have to spend a lot of money in order to withdraw any winnings which are how the casino in a very subtle way covers its wagering requirements. Depending on which casino you choose to play at there are also additional requirements where the play through can only be redeemed through certain games. If you are a slots player then you won’t have a problem as all casinos include slots as part of the wagering play through requirements but other games such as Blackjack and Roulette are often not part of the wagering requirements. It is therefore a good idea to check the requirements of each casino and the play through that it demands and for which games before you take the sign up bonus offer. There is no point taking it if you are only intending on playing Roulette and the Roulette game is not part of the sign up bonus offer wagering requirements. The moral of the story is that in most cases there is always a catch, nothing in life comes totally for free so make sure you read all of the terms and conditions before you place bets and then realize that you can’t benefit from the generous offers that are given.