Mystery Bonus Video Poker

Want to double your gaming pleasure? Try playing Mystery Bonus at Silver Oak Casino and experience something like playing two games at a time. Well, actually you are playing two games: It forges some of the exciting features you can see in slots and I video poker. Add it up with nice graphics, inviting sounds and easy-to-use user interface, and its no mystery why many gamblers, even slots and poker fanatics, find this game a sweet alternative from the usual spins and deals.

Mystery Bonus Poker Game Features

Mystery Bonus Poker adds a nice twist to your usual video poker. When a player hit the deal card, a slot-like reel will start spinning before the dealer deals five cards. A payline would then be increased or some could be tuned depending on the outcome of the spin reel. This gives players two chances of winning: either they play it like poker and aim for the best possible hand, or go for the Mystery Jackpot. The rules are simple and the game play is similar to that of other video poker games, with the exception of the Bonus reel.

How to Win

The Mystery Bonus Poker follows the rules of Jacks or Better when it comes to winning: you win if you hold a hand with at least a pair of jacks and you lose if you don't have any. There is a predetermined payout table available for players to let them know how much they can win with the hand they are trying to have. Different payout tables are available for single and multi-hand games so look for the one highlighted on the screen and you will see the payout table applicable for you.

The Controls

The controls are simple and easy to use; the labels basically define their function. Bet can be used to buy chips into the game. Bet One allows a player to bet one coin per click up to five coins maximum, and Bet Max permits a player to bet the maximum amount of coins they could. Draw Deal button deals the cards, Hold allow players to choose the cards they want to keep, Cash Out lets players stop playing and collect their winnings and payments while Payout buttons shows the applicable payout table during the game.

Why Play Mystery Bonus Poker Now

The Mystery Bonus reel makes Mystery Bonus Poker delectably different from your bland video poker games. It eliminates boredom and boosts excitement to make the players enjoy their time playing. Play some Mystery Bonus Casino today and experience playing some slots with your poker hands.