Bingo Games at Flash Casinos

Bingo for a long time has not been considered a game just for retired people, and since the widespread use of the internet, Bingo has become one of the most popular games to play online. Now thanks to flash technology, you can play Bingo online without even having to download the casino or Bingo room to your computer. You can play flash bingo directly from the web browser of the casino you have chosen to play at, as long as it supports the instant play.

Two Main Versions of Flash Bingo

Flash Bingo is played just the same as regular Bingo and in fact there are more options. When you play Bingo online you have the option of playing a 75 ball game or a 90 ball game. In essence the only difference between the two games is the layout of the cards. The 75 ball bingo game uses cards which have a 5x5 layout of numbers in squares and the 90 ball layout uses cards which have a 3x9 layout of squares filled with numbers. The aim of the game is to try and fill as many numbers as possible in order to have a matched line, vertical or horizontal. Some games require a full house, which means all numbers need to be matched whereas other games require only a line of numbers in order for there to be a win.

Many Ways to Win

In fact there are many ways to win when playing Flash Bingo and these are determined by the bingo room that you choose to play at. You can also buy multiple cards and have them running at the same time during a game. Another great thing about Bingo is that you can choose the auto-dab option which lets the computer mark off any matching numbers for you and leaves you do something else or enter into the chat room and chat with other like minded players.

The Social Bingo Game

One of the nicest things about playing flash bingo for many players is the chat rooms where you can meet up with other players virtually and chat about bingo and other things. Each player has a screen name and you should stick to that so as not to reveal too much about yourself, but that does not mean you can't chat away. All of the flash bingo sites are totally secure and encrypted so you don't have to worry about intrusion. With the auto-dab option you can also choose to continue the game for as long as you want i.e. buy in to more games. Many flash bingo sites also have the ability to let you know when a new game is starting so that you can make sure you are in time to join in with it.

Bingo; a Game for Every Level

Entry into flash bingo games varies but there are games for every level of bankroll. Bingo is not a game that you can play for fun but you can see demos of how the game works at many bingo sites. The more bingo cards that you buy, the more chances you have to win but don't go over your budget in the first game. There are also progressive bingo games which include progressive jackpots which are paid out when a full house is reached in fewer than 38 numbers. You can also choose different variations with bonus options of the different bingo games to include different betting options i.e. betting on a full house, a vertical line, the right hand side and so on. In fact when playing online flash bingo there is no end to the choice and versatility of the game which makes it not only enjoyable but also a potentially very lucrative game to play.