Online Casinos Start to Accept PayPal

Online gamers will soon have one more trusted name with which to conduct their e-commerce business online. PayPal, which did pull out of handling transactions with online gaming after 2002, has changed direction and will soon be working with several online casinos. This means that Ladbrokes live dealer casino games can now be accessed via PayPal with other major online gaming sites such as Manhattan Slots Casino sure to follow suit.

PayPal, which has annual transactions of more than two billion dollars worldwide, originally pulled out of providing service for the online gambling industry when an investigation by the US government indicated it may be illegal. Although there were no formal charges, e-Bay, the parent company of PayPal, immediately stopped all fund transfers to and from online gambling websites.

With changes in the gambling transaction laws and an increased push to offer online gambling throughout the US the change has been approved. This is terrific news for those that love to hit the slots or the games at All Slots Casino and Club USA Casino. The security and easy to access options for sending or receiving cash through PayPal continue to make it one of the most trusted e-commerce sites worldwide. In addition PayPal now is linked with Neovia, an online e-wallet provider, which provides a netbank system for casinos to make payments to online customers using the PayPal system.