Max Quest Cinematic Slots

Betsoft is preparing to stun their devoted slot game fans with another release, which seems to be something entirely new and different. Judging by the official website of Max Quest: Wrath of Ra Cinematic Slots and the big timer, which is counting down every second to the date of the official release, this new game will arrive on September 16, 2018. As one would expect from a Betsoft game, the level of detail and the quality of the graphics, which is visible on the background imagery of the site’s homepage and the short teaser trailer is exceptional. The page with the countdown depicts the face of the villain – a humanoid creature with the face of a mummy, demonic yellow eyes and dusty wraps on the top of its head.

The Amazing Appearance of the New Game, Even by Betsoft’s Standards

What is really special about the looks of the trailer is the fact that it genuinely resembles a role-playing video game with a story-based campaign rather than a gambling slot title. Many of Betsoft’s games begin with outstanding cinematic intros but this looks like something on another level. Are the numerous fans of one of the best online developers in the world about to experience a totally new type of a gambling slot – a mix of a 3D film-worthy action-adventure and the general model of a slot game? Who knows; there are more than a hundred days left before Betsoft provides us with the answer and quite a lot of excitement will be generated in the forthcoming months.

The Exciting, Promising Trailer

The short promo video depicts the adventure of a heavily armed group of explorers, which venture deep into ancient Egyptian tunnels, filled with treasures and statues depicting popular symbols from the once great kingdom – symbols, which have become increasingly familiar in the slot gambling world as well. One of the characters proceeds to grab a hold of a powerful magical book, which awakens the terrifying antagonist. The cinematic trailer builds the suspense in the story with 3 phrases, which form a single epic description: “Where Mystery Awaits, Epic Treasures Lay Unfound and Danger Lurks Everywhere”. At the same time, an ambitious statement is made regarding the role of Max Quest in the history of online gaming - “A New Era in Gaming” and of course the end features Betsoft’s motto, which they have completely lived up to - “Redefine Gaming”.

Max Quest Cinematic Slots promises to rewrite the rules, something Betsoft is fully capable of, so prepare for big earnings, gorgeous looks and a gambling experience unlike any other that you have had before, which will be arriving in the not too-distant future.