The Mariachi 5 Slots - Try Now!

Filled with more colour, creepiness and good mood than can ever be assembled in real life, The Mariachi 5 Slots is another greatly entertaining example of a slot affiliated with traditional Mexican celebrations, which is now available. This is a 5-reel slot game, featuring thrilling animation, a main screen, stuffed with visually intriguing details and a classic gameplay, which delivers in every department – paytable, special symbols and bonus features and judging by the theme – a killer soundtrack, which will do justice to the musical title. The game will be available for Download, Instant Play, Mobile and Native App so it will be available on all kinds of devices. The slot will be available in multiple languages.

The main poster of the game shows a Mariachi band of 5 with a small but important detail – the are all long-dead and possessed skeletons is all that’s left of them. Each of them handles a different musical instrument and are covered in a different coloured mist of their own. These overwhelmingly stylish ghouls are located in the middle of a Mexican street, which is all decorated for celebration and is lit up, disco-style by the colorful light emitted by the ghost band. Additionally, The Mariachi 5’s looks will be distinctive with exceptional animation that marks every movement and event throughout the gameplay. The game has 5 reels and players will be able to take advantage of 243 different ways to make a buck. Apart from a generously paying table, there will be a wild symbol as well as a scatter symbol, both of which will be spicing up the gameplay and offering more and bigger prizes.

The wild will have all the usual effect as well as some additional ones, which will make it in the game’s most profitable symbol. The free spins feature will provide gamblers not just with the chance of an additional spin but will also throw in multiplier surprises in the mix, not to mention – additional wilds. Both the wild and the scatter will offer payouts of their own and when the earnings made through features and the earnings made from the paytable are both taken into consideration, The Mariachi 5 turns out to be one of the most profitable Mexican-themed slots that an online casino member can experience.

Don’t miss out on The Mariachi 5 and prepare to be swept away by the tunes of the undead musical band and most importantly – their generously big prizes.