Max Quest: Wrath of Ra Slots

Betosft’s ground-breaking Max Quest: Wrath of Ra Slots is one part a role-playing game and one part a regular gambling slot. Its set up includes 10 paylines and coin sizes that vary from 1 cent to 25 cents. The players’ gambling journey will take them through creepy tombs, where they will be facing legions of cursed enemies.

Shoot Down Foes and Earn Prizes

The main concept is quite fun. Every fired bullet is a wager. The enemies that gamblers are gunning down will be the symbols. If a player chooses to play with real money, players from all over the world can join your game. From the very start of the game, players can choose their own character, bullets, weapons and Game Room. Every game round will feature the player’s gun at the bottom of the screen with the number of bullets displayed underneath. Mummies, cursed warriors, skeletons and all kinds of Egyptian-themed monsters will start walking across the screen and players will have to shoot them down, moving the mouse just like in a regular shooter game. Every time an enemy is gunned down, a prize may drop.

Destroy Your Enemies and Reap the Rewards

There are all kinds of enemies. The Fire Enemies for example spawn when a Common Enemy is defeated and the more shots you manage to hit them with the bigger your chances of winning a big prize become. Up to 5000 times the cost per bullet can be won. Additionally, players can profit significantly by the so-called God Events. This is a feature that is started randomly. In it, a Pharaoh God will make an appearance and once he is defeated, various cash prizes will burst out of him.

Epic Weapons and Profitable Quests

Special weapons can also be purchased either by collecting treasure chests or by destroying certain enemies. These weapons are capable of hitting foes harder and therefore – grant more earnings. Examples include the plasma, the grenade and the shotgun. Additionally, members can benefit from features called Quests. These are tiny tasks that will be given to gamblers as they are playing. They might require members to collect a certain number of treasures or defeat specific opponents. The completion of those Quests will result in various prizes.

Reign Over the Leaderboard

A special Leaderboard will be linked to the game and players who perform at a superior level will win all sorts of comforts, upgrades and gifts. The more time players spend playing, the more experience points will they be receiving. Collecting these points will improve gamblers’ position on the leaderboard. A small portion of all the made wagers will go to a prize pool, which will end up being distributed among the top-ranked players.

In spite of the gameplay mechanics, the merger between the RPG and slot genres and the game’s visual splendour, this is a pretty simple-minded game. Every fired bullet will eventually hit a target. The mechanism is the same as that of a slot game. The looks are entirely different. The game is available for Desktop and mobile devices as well. This is a gambling experience, which is reshaped in a way that fully entertains the player and will likely become an all-time favourite to many gamblers.