Mr Cashman Slot Game

Mr. Cashman has been around for quite a while. Ever since 2001, it has been providing additional profits to lucky players from all over the world. Now, 4 popular games from the successful developer Aristocrat – Jail Bird, Magic Eyes, Jewel of the Enchantress and African Dusk will become even more intriguing through 5 special Cashman features. These bonus games are activated randomly. The regular gameplay rules are not affected; just the prizes get bigger. The requirement for using a Mr. Cashman feature is to always play the biggest bet unless there is any other specific condition.

The Comfortable Details Surrounding Mr. Cashman

Ultimately, the casino determines the extend to which the Mr. Cashman option boosts the profits of a game. The activation of a Mr. Cashman bonus can be noticed. When the last prize after a successful spin is awarded the displayed amount stays on the main screen for just a while longer; if that happens and Mr. Cashman is available at the casino, in all likelihood, the special game has been initiated. Mr. Cashman also involves tiny little comforts. For example, a prize of 2 times the active bet will be awarded during free spins, regardless if a winning combination appears during the feature or not.

Five Superbly Generous Bonus Games

The 5 available bonus features, which Mr. Cashman offers are Random Prize Bonus, Random Spin Bonus, Poker Machine Bonus, Choose Your Feature Bonus and Match the Prize Bonus. The Random Prize Bonus Game involves a Win meter appearing at the top of the screen and after that up to 25 000 credits can be awarded. The Random Spins Bonus Game includes the spinning of random reels and these special Cashman spins will continue up until the point when no more winning combinations are formed. A multiplier of 3, 5 or 10 will affect the earnings. The Poker Machine Bonus Game creates a second screen with a 3-reel slot. 3 digits will appear on the 3 slots and the resulting 3-digit number will be the number of the awarded credits.

The Choose Your Feature Bonus also works with an additional screen, depicting Mr. Cashman himself with a money bag in one hand and a gift box in the other. The player will pick one of those. The Gift Box can award up to 20 free spins with a multiplier of up to 5 times and the Money Bag delivers up to 1000 credits. The Match the Prize Bonus Game will present gamblers with a lovely image of a night sky. Players will be clicking on the stars until 2 matching prizes are found. Ultimately, up to 1000 credits can be won or a combination of free spins and multipliers – 5 spins with a multiplier of 5, 10 spins with a multiplier of 3, 20 spins with a multiplier of 2 or 40 spins with no multiplier.

Give the 4 chosen Aristocrat titles a try and you will find a whole new way to enjoy a slot game – through Mr. Cashman’s long-standing but ever-efficient profitable bonuses.