Slot Themes More Unusual Than Most

Halloween, sports, Christmas, underwater… When it comes to naming some popular themes that are often used for online slot games, most players can name a good handful. But what about more unusual slot themes? While popular themes continue to work well, it’s nice to see some software developers coming up with more unusual themes that haven’t been done before. Not often, anyway.

Here are three suggestions for themes we haven’t seen too often.

Summer themes

Is this a popular theme? It does crop up now and then, but we wouldn’t call it a popular one. If you think about Irish themes, seasonal themes, and underwater themes, you’re certainly thinking about games that are far more popular and seen more often than this one.

With that said, you can still find other games that fall into this category. Look out for Beach Party Slots Hot, Aloha Cluster Pays, the aptly-named Summertime, and Tahiti Feeling.

Thanksgiving themes

Considering this is a popular time of the year, we’re surprised there aren’t more Thanksgiving-themed slots out there. Maybe because it’s restricted to one day, instead of being celebrated over a few days like Christmas. Mind you, Halloween falls on one night, and that hasn’t stopped developers creating frightening slots like crazy.

We found Gobbler’s Gold and Turkey Time Slots – the latter being perhaps the best example of a Thanksgiving theme. If you can find any others, do let us know – we came up empty after those two! Surely software developers are missing a trick here?

American themes

Okay, so not perhaps as rare as we’d like to make out. But slots under this broad theme provide numerous examples of where you can go with this. We came across one called Bloopers, based on outtakes from TV shows. Another one was called Stars ‘n’ Stripes, so you can guess which direction that one went in. Some are more traditional than others in following the American theme. Some follow US TV shows and movies for a different take on things.

Are there any themes you would like to see more of? If so, let us know. There could be software developers that might spot them and create a game or two around that theme. Hey, you never know… We’d like to see lots of Thanksgiving slots, but maybe it’s too late for this year. We can only hope there are some surprises yet to come.