Maya Slots is not available for new players as far as Wannabet Casino stopped accepting them. But if you’re in the mood for a mature slot machine, then try our famous online slots:

Prize Maya Slots

Maya Slots is rich in its subtlety. This 5 reel, 21 payline slot game takes all the best features of what’s current in online slot machines and wraps it up in a sophisticated theme. The result is a game that is a pleasure to play. There are a lot of slots with a Mayan theme, but this new Maya slot machine is above the rest. The colors and graphics are stylized and tasteful. The dark greens and blacks set off the rich yellows making the symbols vibrant and bold. And with the Auto Play option you have control over your game settings without the constant clicking. This is a mature slot machine, not something that your four year old will mistake for one of her cartoons.

Easy Play

Choose which paylines you will play and your coin value, you can play Maya Slots for as little as $0.01 or you can Bet Max to play all the lines. The more lines you play the better your chances of hitting a winning combination. Once you have decided on your settings, click Spin. At any time, click the Auto On button to repeat your previous bet and play the game automatically without having to reset your settings. At any time you can disable the Auto Play but clicking Auto Off.

Know The Symbols

Maya Slot has tasteful symbols like stylized letters and numbers as well as totem like graphic symbols including a two headed snake and other creatures. To know what all the symbols mean and how to plan your winning strategy, click the Pay Table button at the top on the right of the main screen. All the symbols are listed across the top of the pay table with the number of hits you want for the best payout. Once you hit a winning combination, your payouts are decided by multiplying the number under the symbol by the number of hits and the coin value of your bet.

Under the chart there is special information about the Scatter and While Symbols. The Scatter Symbol is a strange creature with large eyes and he will give you extra payouts when you get 2 or more of him ranging from $0.20 to $31.50.

Watch for the Wild Sun

The Wild Symbol is a swirling Sun. Two or more of these Suns will win you a special prize on their own, but they will can also be used to substitute for other symbols to complete your win. On top of this, when you hit two or more of the Wild Suns you will win free spins. 5 Free Spins for 2 Suns, 10 free Spins for 3 Suns, 15 Free Spins 4 Suns, and 20 Free Spins for 5 Suns.

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