Jacks or Better Video Poker

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There can never be any video poker more famous than Jacks or Better, be it on an online casino like Bovada Casino or a land-based one somewhere in Las Vegas. Who can forget the game that has started it all and has been the pattern for many video pokers proliferating in the industry today?

Jacks or Better Video Poker Game Strategy

The game is fairly simple to understand. After betting into the game, player will be dealt five cards which he can drop in exchange for new ones. The cards are the valued and if they contain a combination that includes at least a pair of jacks, then you win a prize. Winning combinations follow the same basic hierarchy you have with your good old Texas Hold'em.

Jacks or Better also comes in single and multi-hand option to suit different tastes in playing. If you want it slow and steady, choose single-hand option and play your cards with leisure. If you want to play fast and get your hands right there in the pot, choose multi-hand option to play up to 100 hands. With denominations ranging from a cent to five dollars, you can play all and as long as you want.

What makes Jacks or Better a hit for smart gamblers as well as those who just want to spend a lazy night playing casino games is its simplicity of game play and the excitement of the poker game. There are hardly any players who would tell you that playing Jacks or Better would be tricky. With just a few buttons to hit and a few things to remember like building your combinations, nothing could be easier. The buttons are there in place and you just can't miss the buttons you need.

Jacks or Better Payout

If there is one thing you can love about this game, it would be its payout. No video poker game can offer a realistically attainable payout and payout percentages higher than what Jacks or Better can offer. With 99.5% expected returns for playing 9/6 Jacks or Better, you are basically playing for free. It's almost like staying in a hotel with free food, drinks and other amenities. What could be better than that?

Where to Play Some Jacks or Better

Nothing beats the classic, and it certainly is for Jacks and Better. Better payout percentages are enough reason to play this game already. Play Jacks or Better now and experience the rush of a poker match and the excitement of a slot spin. Download Bovada Casino software, look for Jacks and Better, and guarantee yourself some good time.