The top online casinos all offer hot slot, table and card games. Most of them also have an elusive game category called "Specialty Games", which include a smattering of gaming options that just don't seem to fit into the other categories. The fastest spreading of these specialty games is the brick-and-mortar casino classic, Keno.

Keno is a game of long odds. If players beat those odds, however, the rewards of Keno are lush. Akin to Bingo and Lottery, with odds that fall between those two, Keno involves picking strings of numbers to match random draws. The variety of game variations in Keno appeal to the mathematicians among us, and the excitement is pure Vegas.

Playing Keno for the Excitement

Online Keno is very simple. The player logs into the Keno application at his or her favorite casino and selects the numbers that he or she wishes to play. Normally the number of numbers selected will be between three and ten. The player then chooses how much they want to play on each round - normally $1 to $10. And then they push play.

Once the play button is pushed, the exciting difference between online gaming and brick-and-mortar gaming becomes very evident. In a casino in Nevada or New Jersey, players pick their numbers and then wait half an hour for the draw to be made to see if they won anything - Keno for them is a game to be played while eating lunch or while taking a break from the "real" gaming.

Online Keno is a completely different experience. The Play button is pushed and the numbers start generating immediately and quickly! The excitement level of online Keno is akin to the excitement experienced when playing a card or dice game. The action is fast and the rewards can be huge!

Keno Online for Real Money in USA

Unlike more complex games such as Pai Gow Poker, Keno is a very simple and straightforward game. It is fun and exciting because of its simplicity, and no warm up is needed to get the hang of the game. As a result, online Keno play can be done immediately for real money. The bets are small, the fun and excitement is huge and the rewards can be vast. The ease of play on the Keno application is evident from the first time the player sees it - it only takes an account at the player's favorite casino to get the numbers coming and the fun started. Strategy in Keno is more a choice of where you play rather than how you play. Check the pay tables at the casinos where you are playing Keno, and choose the one that pays the best. Online Keno games, while still long odds when compared to games like Blackjack or Craps, offer odds that are much better than traditional brick-and-mortar based Keno games. Additionally, you will find that the top casinos all offer pay tables that are remarkably similar in their payouts.

Online Casinos with Keno Bonuses

Many of the top rated online casinos offer Keno now. The reason? Because Keno is a fun, exciting and completely addictive casino game. Some of the best online casino games can be found at these top-rated casinos with some enticing Keno bonuses.

Get your online play account established at one of the top casinos and log in for some hot Keno action today! And good luck!