Texas Hold'em

Texas Hold'em Poker is by far the most popular of the Poker variations that there are today. Both online and at land based casinos Texas Hold'em has become the leading Poker game and is also played in competitions for the World Series of Poker. One of the main reasons that it has become so popular is of course because of its simplicity.

Play at a Group Table or as an Individual

Texas Hold'em Poker is a game that can be played in a group or one on one i.e. player against the casino. If playing in a group you can play at interaction online casinos and wait until a table is full and you can begin to play. The rules are simple and do not vary much from casino to casino. You can play it for fun at online casino but it is not the same as playing Texas Hold'em for real money with real stakes and the real chance of winning which is what you get when placing real money bets.

The Ante Bet

The game begins with an initial bet before any cards are dealt, this is known as the blind or ante bet. Once the bets have been placed in a central pot, which is basically what each player stands to win if he wins the final round known as the showdown, 2 cards are dealt to each player. Once each player has received his 2 cards, he is allowed to peak at these cards and then decide if he wants to place a further bet or fold i.e. pull out of the game. Once this round is finished, then the dealer will burn a card from the remaining cards of the 52 deck pack and then he will lay down 3 cards which are known as the flop. These cards are placed face up.

The Flop Round

The players then start mentally working out if their hands are good and if it is worth placing a higher bet or standing i.e. pulling out of the game based on the cards that they have and what is in the community pile, i.e. the flop cards. The aim of Texas Hold'em is for the players to try and make the best Poker hand possible with their cards and the community cards. Once the flop round is over and players have either raised their bets or folded, a further card is turned over after a card has been burned, i.e. discarded to prevent cheating. This 4th card that is turned is known as the turn card. Again the players review their cards and decide on their course of action. The penultimate round of betting or folding proceeds before the final community card, known as the river card.

Showdown Time

Once there are 5 community cards on the table, the players have to make their final bet or decide to fold, i.e. pull out of the game. At this stage most of the players who are left in the round believe that they have a good chance of winning by taking a combination of their ante cards and the community cards to make the best Poker hand possible. The final stage when the players reveal their cards is known as the showdown and it is at this stage that the winner is determined by the hands that are revealed. The winner wins the central pot of money.

Every Level of Player and Game Welcomed In Texas Hold’em Online

Texas Hold'em is such a popular game to play online because of its simplicity. I t is easy to follow, easy to play and you don’t have much to think about apart from the cards that you hold. The level of betting depends on the casino that you choose to play at and the coin sizes that you choose. There are high rolling games with huge stakes and there are lower staked games. Many online casinos offer Tournaments with Texas Hold'em as their flagship game; Each and every game of Texas Hold'em provides the same riveting entertainment matched with a great chance to win lots of money. Once you have played Texas Hold'em you will not want to stop as it is so much fun and of course can be very lucrative.