3 Clowns Scratch

Everyone loves visiting the circus, and the clown act usually gets the crowds roaring; now you can visit the circus online on the 3 clowns scratch game, so get ready to enter the big top and stand a chance of winning a massive 10,000 times the value of each card. The software has been designed by Playtech a leader in casino games.

Rules of the game

You have a choice of playing the downloadable software or the flash version, some casinos offer a practice version which gives you an excellent opportunity to get some practice, then you can change your account to be able to wager for money.

You will be given a ‘scratch card’ of 9 blocks; chose a block to scratch by clicking on the block it will reveal a symbol. The purpose is to find three of a kind in a row, Virtually, horizontally or diagonally, three is a winning combination and you will see when you win as on the left side of the screen balloons are released and it shows how much you have won.

If you don’t want to click individual blocks, you can press the ‘all’ button and all the blocks will reveal their symbols.

Getting the right graphics is important

Each set of graphics have a set payout, watch for the balloons when they rise up to the top of the screen your winnings will be revealed in a box and automatically added to your account. The graphics are attractive and delightful, get three elephants balancing on a ball and win, or three unicycles, three cute a balloon dogs, three big top tents, three rings of fire, three skittles and rings, three packs of cards, three top hats with a bunny, and the three clowns which get the highest win. See if you can make a match when you scratch.

Find a place to play scratch cards

Scratch cards are becoming very popular, they are just as much fun as playing paper scratch cards, being online they are easy to play and convenient to access any time of day or night. Enjoyable and nice prizes to be won, head to a casino that has scratch cards and start playing.