Slots Bonuses

Tiger Treasures Slots
Slot games are fun. After spinning the reels on a basic old-timey single-line slot game for a few hours, however, the simple game gets a bit repetitive. The cure for this? Slot bonuses!

Winning Bonuses

Slot game bonuses are normally won by the appearance of several “Scatter” symbols anywhere in the play field. The number of Scatter symbols varies with the specific game, and, in some cases, more symbols win differing bonuses than fewer symbols.

Types of Bonuses

The bonuses won are either free spins or bonus games.

Free Spins – These can make the winnings multiply dramatically. The number of free spins may range from five all the way up to over 100. Free spin rounds are typically spun automatically, and more free spins may be won during the free spin round. If, for example, the player wins twenty-five free spins, and a series of scatter symbols pop up during those spins, he or she may win an additional twenty-five spins commencing after the initial free spin round ends. Additionally, multipliers often come into play during free spin rounds, so any winning combo that is hit during the free spin round may be worth two to five times what it would normally pay. Though a simple form of bonus, free spins are very addictive and they lend a lot of excitement to slot games.

Bonus Games – The second and more complex form of slot bonus is the bonus game. Again, generally won by a few scatter symbols popping up, the bonus game is a secondary game that does not involve spinning reels or anything related to traditional slot games at all. Often the game involves simply picking a “box”, or picking one out of several choices, each of which offers a varying cash prize. From that simple level, they range through all types of creative games up to complete adventure games that are controlled from the keyboard. These complex side-games are aimed at the Generation Y crowd who grew up with X- Boxes and Wiis and who demand intricate and well conceived games for their entertainment. More and more of these complex side games are appearing including Rival’s A Switch in Time and the now iconic Lara Croft: The Secret of the Sword Slot from Microgaming.

Big Winnings with Slot Bonuses

No matter what type of bonus game players prefer, the universal truth of them is that they make the winnings compound. Huge winnings are possible, and they are an exciting way to keep slot games constantly interesting. Head over to Liberty Slots Casino or your favorite casino property tonight, and spin the reels on some great bonus slot games!