Loose Deuces Video Poker

It has been said that it takes two to tango. Who says it couldn’t be applied to online gaming as well. Want to play a different kind of poker? Well, you can still build your flushes and three-of-a-kind without bluffing other players with Loose Deuces, a video poker game designed to amplify the excitement of winning.

The Game

The game begins with the player betting his desired amount, followed by the dealer giving out five cards to the player. By clicking on the desired cards, the player can choose the ones he wants to keep. After choosing the desired cards by clicking deal to discard the unwanted cards automatically that will be replaced by new cards, the resulting five cards are then valued. If it contains at least three of a kind, the predetermined payout will be paid, otherwise the bets are lost to the dealer. Two’s are also considered as the game’s wild card, so you can use it as a substitute for all other cards. Maximize the wild card and you can win special payouts with certain combinations like wild Royal Flush as well as in five-of-a-kind and four deuces.

Loose Deuce also has another ace (or rather deuce) in hand: the Double or Nothing Round. Play single-hand game and get a chance to double (or forfeit) your winnings by selecting a card higher than the dealer’s card. That’s a cool addition for people who want a shift from the generic video poker game.

What I like about this game is the flexibility of its gameplay. If you’re into winning big, you can play fast and play more games; if you’re playing to unwind and relax after a hard day in the office, you can play at a pace you’re comfortable with. You can also play single hand or multiple hand modes with Loose Deuces and bet from five cents to five dollar using up to five coins per hand. Play from three up to a hundred hands in multi-hand mode.

The Payout

The payout is considerably better compared to other casinos that I saw. The payout ranges from a high of just under 101% to a low of 99.2%. Check their payout table for the payout for different winning combinations, for applicable payout table for the games you play along with the winning combinations.

Why Play

There are two things this game give loosely; fun and prizes. The game is simple to understand but that doesn’t compromise the quality every player is entitled to. The game quality is supplemented by big payouts and other surprises, making sure this game won’t bore you out.