Flash Keno

Keno is an ancient Chinese game that has traveled across continents and through centuries to still be played today at online casinos. Now many online casinos offer a flash version of Keno. Flash Keno is an instant play game, in other words there is no need to download the game to your computer, and you can play Flash Keno directly from the web browser of the casino that you have chosen to play at.

Instant Access to Keno Game with Flash Keno

Keno is a simple board which is made up of 80 numbers. As a player you can choose up to 15 numbers from that board, some games let you choose up to 20 numbers. A random number generator then throws out 15-20 numbers, depending on the game. The more numbers that match what you have chosen the more you stand to win. The amount that you win totally depends on the coin size that you have placed your bet in and of course the number of choices that match. Flash Keno is played in exactly the same way, the only difference is that you can play the game directly from the web browser of the casino and not need to waste time and computer memory by downloading it to your computer hard drive.

Multiple Flash Keno Variations

There are many different variations of Flash Keno that have been added over the years and are also available at online casinos. Power Keno which originates in Australia is exactly the same as regular Keno, the only difference being, that if your last number is matched by the last ball that is thrown out, your winnings are quadrupled. Super Keno also works on this principle but the difference is that the first number has to match for your winnings to be quadrupled. Combination Keno is a game of Flash Keno where you place bets on a combination of numbers being hit in addition to regular bets.

Easy Fun and Lucrative Flash Keno

The ease with which you can play Keno makes it an extremely popular game and great time filler if you need a little “me" time. Keno used to be a side game but now thanks to the flash Keno games that you can find online, it is definitely at the forefront of many casinos and one of the most popular games that are played today. Flash Keno is easy and mindless but yet you can end up with some really great winnings.